Saturday, July 31, 2004

July 31, 2004

11:51 AM I have put two new entries in the Crosswalk weblog: Truth Matters God, Propane and Home Depot 9:24 AM We are getting ready to go to California for the Dallas Seminary conference at Mount Hermon Conference Center. We fly to San Jose, then someone will drive us to Mount Hermon, in the mountains near Santa Cruz, which is on the Pacific shoreline. ClarLyn Morris grew up in California and told me that during college, she worked at the Mount Hermon sweet shop during the summer. I told her we’d go by and have an ice cream sundae in her honor. I preach tomorrow AM for the regular weekend conference. The DTS conference starts on Sunday night with a message by Mark Bailey. This year’s theme is “Hallelujah! What a Savior.” I speak on Monday night, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, and on Friday morning. After my last message, we’re flying back to Chicago, arriving near midnight. We plan to go to the Summer Breakaway next Saturday at Oakwood Inn in Syracuse, Indiana. That night we’ll come back to Oak Park so I can preach on Sunday morning. So this is the start of a busy nine days for us. But this is also my last weeklong trip of the year. Things settle back into a routine after this week on the road. 9:22 AM Rode my bike 21.9 miles this AM—out the Prairie Path. Cool and muggy. Happened to see Val Dodgson on the path in Elmhurst. That happens occasionally. The other day Kris Sagan waved and said hello from her car as I rode by. More often someone at church will say they saw me riding although I didn’t see them. 9:20 AM Just got word from David Tyler (he serves with the Marines in Iraq) that he’ll be leaving for home on August 21.

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