Saturday, July 30, 2005

July 30, 2005

5:08 PM Looking for online versions of the Bible? The standard site is called Bible Gateway. Recently I found another site with a broader selection of translations, versions, paraphrases, and editions that are not easily classified. In the latter category, I found the famous Cotton Patch Version of the New Testament by Clarence Jordan. It’s worth checking out if you’ve never read it. Clarence Jordan was an early leader in the struggle for racial equality in the South. A trained Greek scholar, he produced a colloquial version of the New Testament that attempted to “translate” the letters of Paul into mid-20th century America. So Acts became “Happenings,” Galatians become “Letter to the Churches of the Georgia Convention,” First Thessalonians became “First Letter to the Selma Christians,” and so on. The result was a provocative rendering of the New Testament that seems a bit dated now, but back then caused quite a stir. 5:05 PM Sandy Rios (formerly the head of Concerned Women for America) now leads a brand-new organization called Culture Campaign. 4:59 PM Marlene and I had a good time at the Oak Park Farmers Market this morning. In what is becoming a weekly ritual, we bought a dozen donuts and fresh blueberries, plus corn, string beans, squash, cucumbers and honey. We even bought eggplant for some reason. Since we’ve started going every Saturday, I think I’ve eaten more blueberries in the last month than in the previous 52 years. Fresh blueberries, warm donuts and cold Coke comes close to being the perfect Saturday breakfast. 4:58 PM 1400 miles.

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