Saturday, January 8, 2005

January 8, 2005

7:26 PM David Aikman offers a fascinating update on the state of the church in China. (Hat tip to Ken Aycock) 7:25 PM 34 miles. I missed five days of biking because of the snow. Last night I went out after dark, slipping and sliding for 11 miles. Just got back an hour ago from another ride. The roads were better but still slippery. 9:37 AM Saturday shout-out to Jerry and Beverly Hansen, Don Lanier, Paul and Vangie Peaslee, Tammy Scarbrough, Pam Dudgeon, and to Ken and Martha Aycock. 9:36 AM I think we’re all feeling better. Not totally healthy yet, but better. It’s taken most of this week for the virus or whatever it was to run its course. 9:35 AM We leave for China in 5 days. 9:33 AM Darin Weil, our Pastor of Junior High Ministries, passed this along to me: TOP 10 REASONS WHY JESUS MAY HAVE BEEN A YOUTHWORKER. By Chris Thielen 1. He asked, “How long must I stay with you?” (Matt 17:17) 2. He had to tell little demons to be quiet. (Mark 1:25) 3. He wasn’t afraid to get soaked with water or play with mud. (Matt 3:16, John 9:6) 4. He expected interruptions from kids. (Mark 10:14) 5. His listeners would try to trap him with questions. (Matt 22:15) 6. He would have an all-nighter once in a while. (Luke 6:12) 7. It didn’t phase Him when someone busted up the roof during a lesson. (Mark 2:4) 8. His authority was always questioned. (Luke 20:2) 9. He had to tell his followers to “Put that knife down!” (Luke 22:50-51) 10. He was upset about having to clean up the church/temple after everyone made a mess of it. (Luke 19:45)

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