Saturday, January 10, 2004

January 10, 2004

4:33 PM Speaking of Bob Weller, he offered the following inducement at the end of his e-mail:

Speaking of coming to Kansas, you know there are over 150 paved miles of bike trails in Johnson County, a bike in our garage, and we have a nice quiet place for you and yours to work/write/relax not to mention all the great BBQ places in Kansas.

I told Bob that in light of his invitation, I might need to make a pastoral visit to KC before too long. 4:29 PM News and notes: Bob Weller writes from Kansas City that he and Denise have found a good church to attend—Olathe Bible Church … Ron Feley reports that his wife Jackie is glad to be coming home from the hospital this afternoon. She’s doing well as she recovers from surgery … Talked to Terry Platt who finished his first round of chemotherapy today. It went better than expected and he received some good medical news along the way. Terry said that he was able to make some Gospel Light presentations and even made some VBS sales while he was hospitalized. 8:43 AM Apparently the boys were up late watching a movie last night because at this moment all three of them are asleep in the living room in front of the TV—Josh and Mark on the couches, Nick on the floor. 8:42 AM Maggie Gallagher explains why same-sex marriage is a really bad idea. 8:16 AM This is “Get ready to go to Florida” day. Tomorrow I preach four times, go home, eat lunch, head to the airport, fly to Orlando where Calvary missionary John Ockers will pick me up. We’ll drive to Sebring where I’ll start speaking to a group of retired SIM missionaries on Monday AM. I’m speaking 9 times through Friday AM, then I’ll fly back to Chicago. Counting the four sermons on the following Sunday, that’s 17 times in 8 days. That should be enough to keep me busy and out of trouble. Nice point: It’s 20 degrees in Oak Park right now and 52 in Sebring, with highs forecast in the upper 60s and low 70s all week long. 8:14 AM The Happy Husband explains how the film “Princess Bride” (a truly wonderful movie) illustrates the secret of a happy marriage. Hat tip to the Blogdom of God.

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