Saturday, February 26, 2005

February 26, 2005

11:13 PM Here are three new entries on the Crosswalk weblog: The End of a Good Day Self-Evident Truths More Self-Evident Truths 8:47 PM Betsy Kauffman sent a nice note about two Chinese friends she and her husband have been meeting with for the last two years through our International Friends ministry. Though the Chinese friends have not yet come to church, they are open to discuss spiritual things. When Betsy mentioned that we had been to China, their friends were delighted. Here’s what happened next:

I had told them about your website with your daily log of your trip to China. They said they read “every word of it” and found it so fascinating they posted it on the Chinese website below which tracked that 800 people read it within the first 30 minutes. You asked to see the website. I logged on and will tell you that you won’t understand much! One of my Chinese friends told me that it is a cooking website and she did that b/c she knew that it was very popular and a lot of people would look at it. She was right.

Click here to visit the Chinese cooking website. 8:41 PM Speaking of blogs I like, here are two more, both of them authored by Stacy Harp: Mind and Media E-Involved 7:42 PM I haven’t heard how our children did at the Awana Olympics today. As soon I hear some news, I’ll post it here. 7:29 PM Saturday night Shout-Out to Dorothy Brunk, Stacy Harp, Bev Andre, Rick and Betsy Kauffman, William Niemiec, Tim Bowman, David Sancillo, Ellance Tsu, Eric AuCoin, Roy and Debbie Hodson, Jo-ann Bouclair, Mark and Sabrina Thompson, Miss Eva Lodgaard, Aletta Bell, Ray and Ruth Leaf, and a Happy 50th Anniversary to Frank and Lois Catrambone (a few days late, but still heartfelt). 7:28 PM 196 miles. Maybe I’ll get a few miles in this week at Word of Life Florida.

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