Saturday, August 7, 2004

August 7, 2004

10:27 AM Today’s entry in the Crosswalk weblog is called Mount Hermon Dallas Conference—Days 4 and 5. 9:55 AM Ran into some old friends as the Mount Hermon week drew to a close. On Wednesday night Ray and Janet Simons and their daughter Mary Therese came to see Damaris Carbaugh. They live in River Forest, and also have a home in Palo Alto, a few miles up the road from San Jose. They had no idea we were at Mount Hermon this week, and we were all happily surprised to see each other. On Thursday, I heard a voice say, “Ray Pritchard, I thought that was you.” Turns out it was Kevin Budd who pastors a church in San Jose. He graduated from DTS a few years after I did, and followed me as pastor of Redeemer Covenant Church in Downey, California. It was good to see Kevin and Luann again. Yesterday we flew a circuitous route home. The first leg took us from San Jose south to the John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, in Orange County, south of Los Angeles. There we caught a flight back to Chicago. And while we were we boarding, Russell Kozak walked up. The Kozaks live in River Forest and attend Calvary. Russell has been on the west coast for the last three months, and yesterday he was finally coming home. We had a cheerful reunion, and when Mark and Nick picked us up in Chicago, Russell threw his bags in our trunk, and we gave him a ride home. 9:53 AM We arrived back home about 1 AM, got to bed a little after 2 AM. Up at 6:30, read the paper, ride my bike. As of today, I’m at exactly 2000 miles for the year. In a few minutes, Marlene and I are leaving for the Summer Breakaway in Syracuse, Indiana. Over 330 Calvary people are there for the weekend. We’ll spend some time with them, then head back this evening. I’d like to stay for the “Back to Mayberry” talent show tonight, but it’s a 2 1/2 hour drive, and I’ve got to preach tomorrow morning.

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