Saturday, April 23, 2005

April 23, 2005

2:02 PM This website will make you feel better, if you follow the instructions. 1:44 PM Brian Bill from Pontiac Bible Church sent this message:

A gentleman has been attending our church for about a month now. I met with him a week ago and just got off the phone with him this afternoon. He used to live in Wheaton and has spent some time in jail. He told me that he has read two of your books – Anchor for the Soul and Keep Believing. He’s on the narrow path now and walking with Jesus, down here in Pontiac.

11:59 AM Mary Gaskill sent around a list of our Sunday School teachers and assistants. I’m going to publish the list over the next few days as a way to honor those who teach our children so faithfully. 8:30 AM Service Two and Three Year Olds Mirella and Gelu Ursache Michelle Corsei Four and Five Year Olds Michelle Perry Matt Tucker Maura Gaskill Sean Kidd Lucy Cintron First through Third Graders Joshua Edwards Madeleine Gaskill 11:58 AM Would someone please do something about this cold weather? I realize that back in January, this would have been a warm day. Three days ago, we had 80-degree weather, and right now it’s 36, with a frost warning for tonight. 11:57 AM Today’s entry in the Crosswalk weblog is called Where to Find Online Sermons.

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