Monday, November 8, 2004

November 8, 2004

10:17 AM Tonight I’m doing a TV interview on the Total Living Network at 9 PM. The show airs live in Chicago, Rockford, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and around the nation on various cable channels. Then they will replay it quite a few times in the weeks to come. We’ll be discussing the presidential election and how evangelical Christians made a difference in the outcome. 10:12 AM I’m a happy man today because Marlene is back after a week-long trip to the west coast for a wedding. Last Monday she flew from Chicago to Denver to Billings to Great Falls, Montana, to pick up her mother. Then she drove her mother 1300 miles from Great Falls to Los Angeles, arriving on Thursday afternoon. Nearly all of her family came for the wedding of her brother Dale’s oldest daughter, Lori. The wedding was Saturday and Marlene flew home late yesterday. Mark and I had a fine time last week but things were a little informal in terms of meals and things like that. One day I basically ate nothing but peanuts and chocolate chips—and was perfectly satisfied. I spent the last hour before she arrived doing a frantic housecleaning. She was glad to be home and I’m glad she’s home too.

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