Monday, November 29, 2004

November 29, 2004

10:50 PM Today’s entry in the Crosswalk weblog is called Pepper-Coated Salami. 10:29 PM Josh has posted some new pictures from China. 9:59 PM Hat tip to Jim Bowman for mentioning these two websites: Media Research Center Accuracy in Media Both websites are conservative watchdogs that zero in on the leftwing bias so apparent in most of the mainstream media. And here’s one I found on the Blogdom of God: In the Faith, subtitled “a center for news that touches the lives of Christians and the faith-based community.” 7:24 PM Calling all men! First Watch resumes this Thursday morning. We start serving breakfast at 5:55 AM. 7:23 PM 3166 miles. Slick and wet when I rode today. 7:18 PM Something happened a while ago that made my day. We were in Dominick’s shopping for a few things (to be more accurate, I should say that I was with Marlene who was actually shopping for a few things) when Marlene said, “Look at this.” She found some salami coated with ground pepper. I started smiling and then I started laughing out loud. A few years ago I bought some pepper-coated salami at Dominick’s. That was probably six or seven years ago, and every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I look for it at the store but I’ve never seen it again. Until today. So we bought a stick of the salami plus some cheese plus some crackers. I can testify that it’s a great snack food. It made me smile and laugh and put me in a good mood and I’m still happy about the whole thing.

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