Monday, May 31, 2004

May 31, 2004

5:52 PM Time to go to the Brown Cow in Forest Park and have some ice cream. 5:42 PM Scattershooting … During my bike ride along the Prairie Path this AM, I dodged the rain until I was almost in Elmhurst. The heavens opened just as I was passing under I-294. Several other bikers and walkers joined me under the overpass until the rain stopped. I rode out to Glen Ellyn and back—31.4 miles. So far this year, I’ve ridden 1313 miles… . Good to see Dave McKee in church yesterday… . Between services I chatted with Nita Christopher’s parents. They live in the United Arab Emirates in the Persian Gulf. Nita is getting married in India later this year. Yesterday was her last Sunday at Calvary because she has a new job in Champaign… . Last night Mark and I watched the last three episodes of “Band of Brothers.” A stunning achievement, it’s far better than any war movie I’ve seen. The final line of the final episode: “My grandson asked me, ‘Grandpa, were you a hero in the war?’ I told him, ‘No, but I served in a company of heroes.'” 5:37 PM Counting down … 6 days until the Family Fun Fest—June 6, 12:30-2:30 PM 12 days until the Faith and Freedom Concert—June 12, 7 PM 5:36 PM Today’s entry in my Crosswalk weblog is called A Line in the Sand.

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