Monday, May 30, 2005

May 30, 2005

10:59 PM I’d like to send a special shout-out to all out friends at Camp Forest Springs—Pat and Karen Petkau, John and Diane Windle, Matt and Tarah Hoffland, Del Kroeker, Ira Beasterfield, Karla Altmaier, Dick Angelo, Trisha Buster, Jenae Blomberg, Larry Guthrie, Moises Menezes, Brad Eidsen and the entire crew. We had a wonderful time this weekend. Located deep in the northwoods of Wisconsin, the camp is so far off the beaten path that you’d never find it by accident. But the remoteness adds to its charm. For over 50 years campers from across the Midwest have come to Camp Forest Springs. Having been there twice now, I can see why people keep coming back again and again. There is a true family spirit that makes you feel right at home. Thanks for inviting us to join you. I hope we can do it again. 10:58 PM We made it back home in about 6 hours. We made pretty good time considering that we were traveling on Memorial Day. We stopped at Emma Krumbee’s Restaurant in Wausau where we purchased the largest chocolate eclairs I’ve ever seen. We ate one on the road and bought two more for Mark and Nick.

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