Monday, May 2, 2005

May 2, 2005

10:15 PM Here are the latest entries in the Crosswalk weblog: Harder, Smarter, Faster Does the Future Belong to China? 7:57 PM So you’d like to start your own weblog but don’t where to begin? Click here for the answers. 7:49 PM Here are some more children’s Sunday School teachers: Two through Five Year Olds Ron Kinzie Mary Jane Svebakken Rene Reyes Kathy Kucia Mark and Sabrina Thompson David Wrobel Agosto Family First Grade Boisse family Sharon Jahns Duane Binns Second Grade Mike McGuin Allan Elliott Jill Swanson Third Grade Nelly Krems Shirley Wilson Fourth Grade Jean Stoffer Barbette Alexander Fifth Grade Della Renecker Betsy Kauffman Sixth Grade Lisa King Eddie Alexander 12:54 PM Last week Brian Bill sent me this quote that I planned to use in my sermon on Sunday but didn’t get around to it. It involves an episode of The A-Team, one of the greatest TV shows of all time. In one episode, some criminals who have been captured by the A-Team in the past hire some mercenaries to pick off each member of the A-Team one-by-one. Things don’t go as planned because The A-Team captures them instead. Just before the end of the episode, Hannibal Smith says to the leader of the bad guys:

“Now the next time you want to take somebody out pal, don’t get yourself a squad; get yourself a team.”

11:28 AM A big Monday shout-out to Dennis Salazar, Hans Yeates, Albany and Madelyn Devers, Lynnean Celmer, Steve and Robin Meyer, Jane Bond, Steve Klinger, Patti Noll, Berny Carlsson, Mike Blake, Sandra Draper, Maureen Thomas in Lake Katrine, NY, Mark Lauterbach, Joey Link, Bob Hill, Pastor Tim Bowman of Grace Bible Church in Elmhurst, Babachen Bethel, Carlos Garcia, Ron Adams, Graham Duffin, Larry and Linda Craelius, Cathryn Johansson and Linda Blatt.

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