Monday, March 31, 2003

March 31, 2003

Tonight I fly to Winnipeg, Manitoba for two TV interviews tomorrow. Then I fly back to Chicago, change planes, and fly on Pittsburgh for three TV interviews on Wednesday. All of this is in connection with my book “The God You Can Trust” (Harvest House). God willing, I’ll return to Oak Park on Thursday morning.

We had a surprise visitor at Calvary yesterday. Popular Christian musician Steven Curtis Chapman attended our traditional service at 9:15 AM. He wasn’t there as a singer, however. He came as a father (and chaperon) because his daughter is part of the Select Ensemble from Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville. The ensemble performed several beautiful pieces during the worship service. This is the second year they have visited Calvary on their spring tour. At that same hour, our Children’s Choir was rehearsing for their spring concert, which features one of Steven Curtis Chapman’s songs. The kids were thrilled when he dropped in on their rehearsal and sang with them. He also visited the junior high and senior high Sunday School classes. That was the “buzz” yesterday all morning long.

Missions news … The Allied Force team had a safe return from their spring break trip to the Navajo reservation in Arizona. God really challenged our high school students on the trip… .Yesterday Davis Duggins and Howard Duncan left for a 10-day trip to Morocco. They are laying the groundwork for what we hope will be other teams that will go to Morocco later… . And on Friday Craig and Megan Hammond travel to Costa Rica to prep for the summer Allied Force trip to that country.

What color is your dot? Mine is green. I’ve got it over the “1” on my watch so I’ll remember to pray for a lost friend for 1 minute at 1 PM every day during April.

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