Monday, March 22, 2004

March 22, 2004

11:10 PM I did a live TV interview from 9-10 PM with Jerry and Shirley Rose on the Total Living Network. We spent the hour discussing “The Passion of the Christ” and taking calls from viewers in San Francisco and Chicago. We also talked about my book In the Shadow of the Cross. We had some very good calls, including someone who wanted to know why Satan was carrying the deformed baby. Someone else wanted to if the movie was going to spark a national revival. Answer: It’s too early to tell, but the amazing popularity of the film shows that there is a vast spiritual hunger in contemporary society. Jerry commented that the movie proves that while TV preachers may not be popular, the message of Christ still has the power to touch the human heart. (Here are my answers to key questions about the movie.) 3:08 PM Pastor Andrew Irvin wrote this report on yesterday’s launch of the Upper Room Service:

Hallelujah for a wonderful day of worship yesterday! A few notes: 1. Full Sanctuary all three services. 2. Full to bursting Upper Room. 3. Latecomers to the Upper Room went to the Sanctuary, and then back to the Upper Room because they couldn’t find seats in the Sanctuary. 4. Great music in all services. Thank you Upper Room and Sanctuary worship teams, and Sanctuary Choir. After Sanctuary Choir’s call to worship at the 8:30 service, there were quite a few “Amens”, and somebody in the congregation said, “Wow!” Amy, Russell and Marisa did excellently with their solos in the services. 5. After a little nip and tuck and cutting songs in both services, Pastor Ray was on live (!!!!) at the same time in both the Sanctuary and the Upper Room. Thanks to the Upper Room Task Force Members and especially to Chris Jahns, who is leading that team. Thank you, John Robson and Greg Chadaranek for working on (and still working on) all the technical issues. Our tech teams — internet, sound, and power point — are among the hardest working teams in the church. Special thanks to Adam Phillips and Plus One Audio-Video for installing an excellent sound system. Adam has gone above and beyond the call in terms of care, flexibility, and being available to make sure everything runs correctly and sounds great. Thank you, John Sredl, Nate Steinman, Bernie Fillmore, and the ever-growing cast of thousands on the B & G team for your flexibility and extra man hours in set-up and tear-down. Week One, as challenging as it was, was easy… now the challenge of continued excellent, Spirit-led, and moment by moment precision continues. Please pray that we’ll be able to hit the mark every time.

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