Monday, June 16, 2003

June 16, 2003

Only 13 more days until Groundbreaking Sunday! Here’s the Reader’s Digest version of that day: one service … 10:30 AM, under a big tent in the west parking lot… All money given that day goes to the building fund … Our goal: 100% participation … Service includes outdoor baptism, music by VBS choir, high school testimony, special offering … Picnic in Austin Gardens follows the service at approximately 12 noon. Four things you need to remember for that day: 1) Come early (parking will be at a premium) 2) Bring an offering 3) Bring a picnic lunch with food to share 4) Dress casually. Should you invite others to come? Certainly. This will be an exciting day for everyone.

Just finished reading a little book called The Kingdom Assignment by Denny and Leesa Bellesi. One Sunday Pastor Bellesi asked for 100 volunteers for a special assignment. He then gave each person a crisp, new $100 bill. This was their assignment: The money belonged to God, not to them; they had to use it to further God’s kingdom outside the church; and they needed to report back in 90 days as to what they did with the money. The results were astounding—and made headlines across the nation. Highly recommended—and very motivational.

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