Monday, July 28, 2003

July 28, 2003

8:08 PM It looks like the Costa Rica will arrive at O’Hare around 10 PM. 3:25 PM The Allied Force Costa Rica team is en route home today.

3:19 PM Speaking of Bean-hole beans, I just got an e-mail from Judy Cleaves who runs the First Settler’s Lodge in Weston, Maine. She reports that the Bean-hole beans were a great success last weekend. And she added this information on cooking a “Trash-can turkey": “Breaking news on the Trash Can Turkey: When you buy the new trash can, be sure to burn the can out before you use it in order to get the galvanized STUFF out of it. I would say that you should burn the can the same way you would cook the turkey. Put the can upside down and lay charcoal totally around the outside and let it burn down! GOOD LUCK with that! The turkey really is great!” James Warner read about Trash-Can Turkey on this page last week and sent me a link to a website with pictures and full information. You can find it here.

7:37 AM Is it becoming impossible for professing Christians to be confirmed by the senate for high-level judicial positions? This article concludes that the answer may be yes. One quote: “Today the Senate Judiciary Committee has become a modern-day lion’s den, with people of faith being savaged for embracing their beliefs. To judge by the growing opposition in the Senate to President Bush’s judicial nominees, it is apparent that those who actively adhere to religious doctrine are to be viewed with suspicion and blocked from the bench.”

7:36 AM Here’s the Legacy Campaign prayer request for today: “Pray for extra grace by the staff as they with the daily frustrations of construction noise and confusion.” A worthy request, and one I am praying for myself and others on staff.

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