Monday, January 12, 2004

January 12, 2004

8:28 AM I’m writing this note from guesthouse at the SIM village in Sebring Florida. After church yesterday, I rushed home, ate lunch, watched a bit of the Colts-Chiefs game, then Marlene drove me to Midway Airport where I flew from Chicago to Orlando. Calvary missionary John Ockers picked me up. Burt Long, another retired missionary was with him. Burt’s first words were, “I know Howard Duncan very well.” Turns out that Burt and his wife went to Camp Awana every year when Howard worked there. Small world. Sebring is about two hours south of Orlando so I arrived in my room at 11 PM. This morning the weather in south Florida is nice–a bit chilly (temps in the 40s) right now, but the mercury should hit 70 this afternoon. I just looked outside and the sky is pure blue–not a cloud in sight. This is why Midwesterners move to Florida. A few minutes ago John brought over a golf cart so I can explore the 52 acre SIM compound. About 135 retired missionaries live here. I’m preaching every morning this week and in the evenings through Thursday. Meanwhile I’ve got everything I need–a computer hookup, a TV, a little kitchen, a shower with hot water. What else could a man need?

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