Monday, February 23, 2004

February 23, 2004

10:15 PM Monday night shout-out to Frank and Laurie Livingston in San Antonio … Hi to Dave and Lynette Hoy on vacation near Destin, Florida … Good luck to my niece Megan and the Bradshaw Bruins as they take on Ramsay in the Alabama Girls 5A Regional Semifinals on Wednesday morning … Hat tip to Caroline Finley in AR for the update from Henoc Lucien … Billy and Liz Caflisch now live in Siesta Key, FL. Billy’s mother had a successful heart transplant earlier today … My older brother Andy was in a car accident on Saturday when a man ran a stop light and hit him. His SUV flipped and skidded down the road. “The car is gone but it’s only steel. All the front and back glass blew out; some in my face and hair but no significant cuts or injuries. A minimal headache.I am grateful the Lord looked out for me.” Amen to that. 10:12 PM Good words on the Passion movie from Cal Thomas and Rich Lowry. Thomas ends with this stirring call to action:

Go and see this film. It might change your life. It could change Hollywood if it is willing to receive the message that if you make good movies with good messages, those who now feel excluded and despised will pay money to see the films. The debate is about to end. As the angel said to the incredulous followers of Jesus at the empty tomb in Jerusalem: “Come and see..” It’s showtime!

I intend to take his words to heart. I’m seeing “The Passion of the Christ” twice this week: once on Wednesday afternoon and again on Saturday afternoon with the Calvary group.) 3:34 PM The situation in Haiti has grown much worse. I just received an update from Henoc Lucien who pastors a church in the rebel-held northern city of Cap-Haitien. Here is part of his report:

Today(Monday), I left home about 10 AM. I came to the school. I saw at least 7 bodies on my way. Some are partially eaten by dogs. The people in Cap-Haitien are on the street rejoicing. They stole everything that was in customs, burned down many government building (police stations, government radio stations, government tv stations, mayor’s residence, the residence of the delegates, the airport etc… A group of armed government officials hijacked a plane and ordered the pilot to take them to Port au Prince. Please pray for us. We don’t know what to expect the next hour. There is a lot of fear as President Aristide vows to fight back. We know that God is in control. Henoc

To read his entire report, click here. 8:14 AM This is the start of “Passion Movie” week. The movie officially premieres in two days. However, some theaters are showing it starting today. Bill O’Reilly offers a “no-spin” review. He thinks the movie is well doe. I plan to post reviews from the first few people who see it and write to tell me their thoughts.

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