Monday, August 29, 2005

August 29, 2005

9:26 PM Here’s one thing that surprised me about the reunion over the weekend. I ran into quite a few folks in my age group (late 40s-early 50s) who said they have retired. Most of them worked for the school system, but several worked for government agencies. One friend (a year or two younger than me) said that he was retiring from teaching and now planned to “work less and make more money.” I told him if he figured out how to do that to please let me know. Lots of people retire early these days, often to start a second career. And we’re hearing more about folks who work at a job for 20-30 years, then retire and use part of their time and energy to serve the Lord in their church or in mission work around the world. 9:24 PM At this hour the remnants of Hurricane Katrina (now a tropical storm) are spreading across central Mississippi and north Alabama. When we left Florence this morning, we drove through rain until we got into Kentucky. Tonight that entire region is being pounded with heavy rain and high winds. 9:22 PM What generic name do you use for soft drinks? Pop, Coke, Soda, or something else? Click here to see how America answered this question. (Hat tip to Joey Newton.)

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