Monday, August 16, 2004

August 16, 2004

5:08 PM Monday shout-out to Jenna Culbertson, “Old Tractor,” Rick Ezell, to Butch Henderson and my brother Alan who are headed soon to Ecuador on a medical missions trip, and to Norm and Gwen Bowman in Barcelona. 10:00 AM ‘Tis the season for anniversaries. This Sunday marks our 30th wedding anniversary. I’ll preaching in the morning, then we’ll go somewhere (to be determined) that evening. While I was riding my bike yesterday, I decided that this would be a good week to do a century ride (100 miles in a day). Several years ago I rode 107 miles, out to Sycamore and back. Haven’t done it since then. At the moment I have two huge projects I need to finish. If I can get them done by Wednesday, I might do my century ride on Thursday. 9:57 AM Yesterday in recognition of my 15th anniversary as pastor, the elders surprised us with an all-expense paid roundtrip to Beijing, China, to visit Josh who is there teaching English for a year. It’s the best possible gift they could have given us. Because of Josh’s teaching schedule, we’ll probably take the trip in January or February. 9:55 AM Yesterday Dave Hoy quoted from my account of how God led me to Calvary 15 years ago. You can read the whole account here. 9:54 AM Today’s entry on the Crosswalk weblog is all about the God Speaks Today Postcard.

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