May 26, 2004, 2004

May 26, 2004

10:57 PM Okay, fine, I’m happy for everyone, but I’m still a John Stevens fan. 8:30 AM I’m doing two radio interviews today: 11:05 AM KBJS, Jacksonville, TX. 1:15-2 PM Janet Parshall’s America, a national broadcast originating in Washington, DC. Both these interviews are for Beyond All You Could Ask or Think. 7:41 AM The current issue of Wheaton Magazine features a fine picture of Johann Buis on the cover. The accompanying story details how God led Johann to join the Wheaton faculty last year. Johann and Janet and their daughters Elena and Adele-Marie attend Calvary. 7:25 PM Biking can sometimes be a contact sport in Oak Park. The same thing happened to me a year ago January—only I don’t the man who hit was thinking about “church matters.” Meanwhile I rode last night from 10-11 PM. Hard to beat a late-night ride when the weather is warm. Quiet, peaceful, not many cars, not many barking dogs, you just whiz along the dark streets and hope you don’t hit a pothole or a bump. 1215 miles YTD. 7:20 AM Reserve Sunday, June 6, 12:30-2:30 PM, for the Family Fun Fest in the west parking lot at the church. This VBS Kickoff event coincides with the annual Day in Our Village, the largest village-wide celebration in Oak Park. 7:18 AM Colin Smith helps us Unlock the Bible in 30 Days.

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