Friday, September 26, 2003

September 26, 2003

5:06 PM Don’t forget the special praise service this Sunday night at 6 PM. 5:05 PM Two more days until Commitment Sunday. 5:01 PM The conference is going well. Had a good time this AM with my first two messages on Nehemiah—”Open Your Eyes and Learn to Pray” and “Take a Step and See What Happens.” The folks sang Happy Birthday to me during the first service and at lunch, the waitress brought a piece of chocolate cake which I promptly shared with the rest of the table. This afternoon Marlene has been out shopping with Betsi Calhoun and Fay Phillips. Tonight there is a special presentation on Word of Life’s overseas ministries. I speak twice tomorrow and then we fly back to Chicago. I think a lot of the guys are out playing golf this afternoon. Turned out to be a decent day—some clouds, lots of humidity, no rain.

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