Friday, September 24, 2004

September 24, 2004

3:07 PM Just received this nice note of encouragement from a friend: “Just remember, when the devil comes around, God’s angels show up too!” 2:58 PM Happy birthday, Nick! He celebrates his 20th birthday today. 2:54 PM I spoke twice this morning to a very attentive group. After the second service, I signed a few books, then we had lunch on the patio by the golf course with George and Joan Theis and two other couples. Right now Marlene is out with Fay Phillips and Betsi Calhoun. We got a piece of good news from United Airlines a little while ago. We were scheduled to fly out tomorrow at 3:30 PM, but were able to switch to a 12:10 PM flight with no charge because of the approach of Hurricane Jeanne, which will hit the eastern coast of Florida Sunday morning. The earlier flight means we’ll be back home by 3 PM tomorrow. 2:52 PM Here are two new entries on the Crosswalk weblog: Bold Truth and Sweet Grace Is God Really Speaking This Sunday?

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