Friday, September 2, 2005

September 2, 2005

10:55 AM Sam Storms has written an insightful article called Katrina, Common Grace, and a Theory about the End of the Age. Read through to the end to see the theological connection between the looting in New Orleans and the removal of common grace as we near the end of this age. He is not saying that the hurricane is a sign of the end times, but he is saying that this is what the end of the age will look like. He ends on a positive (and I believe biblical) note that encourages us to expect that as common grace is withdrawn and society disintegrates in the last days, we will see God’s hand of blessing moving in revival, spiritual awakening, multitudes coming to Christ, and Christians uniting in bold praise in the name of Jesus even during hard times. 8:30 AM Here’s a personal update from Tracie Howes. She and Brian and their son Brennan live in Ponchatoula, a small town not far from Baton Rouge.

Wow. In a nutshell, Wow! Things around here are truly unbelievable. As you know, we are nearly 45 miles northwest of New Orleans. Praise God that the storm chose a little more easterly track than originally forecasted. We are still without power. We are staying in Denham Springs—just out of Baton Rouge. We weathered the storm here and will stay a while longer. We ventured back to Ponchatoula a couple times this week. The fist trip being on Monday afternoon. It was like driving through a war zone. I have never been in war, but imagine that if mother nature could have her own—this would be the result. Wind is a respecter of nothing. However, it has gained much respect from those in its path. The homes and business that are in ruins are too many to count. The economic impact of this natural disaster is yet to be seen. By the way, I have a new sense of the meaning of the words—natural disaster.

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