Friday, November 5, 2004

November 5, 2004

1:27 PM Received this note from someone who read “Love One Another Deeply” because a friend sent it to her last night. She added her own interpretation of what I wrote:

Love one another deeply – I liked your analogy of a football player — but being a mom of two natural children and two long term foster children, God is teaching me that ’loving one another deeply’ is somewhat like being a ’foster parent.’ There you go Add: two more kids to your family, they aren’t like you, don’t look like you, don’t think like you, don’t want to look like or think like you, have previous life baggage causing them difficulty – BUT it’s your job – and HARD WORK – LOVE THEM -with all your heart – as you love me (EXCEPT -the only way to do it is to let me SOVEREIGN GOD OF ALL control every attitude and action you have.) Loving deeply means taking last place on many occasions and thanking God for the privilege EVEN when it hurts.

That’s well said, isn’t it? 1:22 PM Dr. Bob Cosby serves as the volunteer chaplain for the Logansport, IN jail. We have sent them several boxes of “An Anchor for the Soul.” Here is an update on how the books have been used:

Since becoming the chaplain for the Cass County Jail, I have given away a lot of your books and they have been greatly used of God. Just today a man, who the other day had approached me that there was something missing in his life made a point to tell me that he had prayed the sinners prayer after reading your book and that was exactly what he needed. Another young man told me that he had trusted Christ “and felt a great burden lifted from his shoulders.

1:18 PM Friday shout-out to Jo-Ann Bouclair in Canada, Arnold Hwang and Curt Hanna. 1:18 PM Tonight is the dinner and auction in honor of the tenth anniversary of Oak Park Christian Academy.

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