Friday, May 21, 2004

May 21, 2004

8:28 PM Bob Reccord calls on Christian leaders to take a stand. 8:25 PM Churches in San Francisco rally against gay marriage. the rally drew 7000 people. We need to do the same thing in Chicago—maybe right here in Oak Park. 3:50 PM Today’s entry is now up on my Crosswalk weblog. Also added some favorite Links on the left side of the page. 12:04 PM Steve Boisse just sent me the first draft of the “Hot Dog Score Sheet” for tomorrow’s big challenge. Here are the categories: Bun: 0-Steamed 1-Raw 0-Hard 1-Falls Apart 2-Squishy 3-Soft Wiener: 0-Boiled 1-Grilled 0-Undercooked 1-Dried out 2-Plump Toppings: -1-Ketchup 0-Plain 1-2 Toppings 2-3 or More Fries: 0-Frozen 1-Fresh Cut 0-Undercooked 1-Fluffy 2-Crispy 3-Oil Soaked Drink: 0-Pepsi 1-Coke This strikes me as being very comprehensive. I especially like the last category since I’m a Coke drinker. In fact, I’d be tempted to deduct points if they served Pepsi—but that’s just me. I believe Parky’s will get a 3 in the Fries category—the rest is up for grabs. I’ve been to Parky’s hundreds of times—and the fries are always “oil soaked.” 8:34 AM The Great Chicago Hot Dog Challenge starts 12:30 PM on Saturday. Steve Boisse is making up score sheets so we can compare the finer points of Hot Dog Cuisine. I have no idea what this involves—color maybe, taste of the peppers, relish quality, bun texture, and the all-important category of grease in the fries. They have to be greasy enough to leave an oil stain on the wrapper but not so greasy that they slip out of your hands. Heat is also important. The hotter, the better. I suppose we could do something like “Ambience,” or “Service,” but really, if it’s “Ambience” you want, you should go to one of those pricey joints on Michigan Avenue. 8:33 AM Reaching Japan … News from Ray and Ruth Leaf, Calvary missionaries in Japan serving with Send International:

“The Passion of the Christ” movie was the #1 movie during Golden Week….May 1-5. Theaters were filled with people and even some sitting in the aisles. Though originally it was scheduled to be shown for one week only in 28 theaters. A lady who attends the ladies meeting, went to see it with her family. She said, “Only God could forgive His enemies like Jesus did.” Pray that she and many like her will go on to trust the Savior.

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