Friday, May 14, 2004

May 14, 2004

9:02 PM Chuck Colson says Christians have a sacred duty to vote this year. 12:50 PM If you want to know the latest gas prices, click here. (Hat tip to ChristWeb) 12:12 PM Adrian Warnock has a fascinating discussion on whether or not God still speaks today, or more accurately, how God speaks to us today. This discussion spills over into certain Charismatic issues. He quotes Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Matthew Henry, and Charles Spurgeon on the need for a conscious experience of the Holy Spirit. The great need is for biblical balance—not going to one extreme or the other. I agree—and I pray for that in my own life. 12:09 PM Click here to read about tonight’s Allied Force Senior Banquet. Craig Hammond expects 94 high school students and leaders will meet at the church for a banquet, followed by a boat cruise on Lake Michigan from midnight-2 AM. They will return to the church for fun and games until 7 AM Saturday morning. 8:13 AM Janine Ramsay convincingly shows that evolution can produce no basis for morality. “(I)n a world without a God there is no objective basis for moral truth.” 8:11 AM Mark finished his spring semester at Moody yesterday. He came home for a little while so Marlene, Mark, Morgan Williams and I went to the Brown Cow Ice Cream Parlor—our third visit in four days. They’ve already stamped my little card so many times that I’m almost eligible for a free cone. 6:27 AM And you thought cell phones in church were bad. That’s nothing compared to this crisis: People are talking on cell phones at Wrigley Field. 5:38 AM Daniel Pipes explains why Europe is slowly shifting from Christianity to Islam. One primary reason: The hollowing out of Christianity. Once the Christian faith is no longer taken seriously (even by its leaders—the pastors and bishops), it loses its social force, and a vacuum is created because people everywhere are inherently religious. The real movement in Europe is not from Christianity to Islam, but from Christianity to formless secularism to Islam. “Ironically, creating a hugely desirable place to live would seem also to be a recipe for suicide.” 5:19 AM If you are concerned about what is happening in the public education system in America, read this article! Rabbi Daniel Lapin explains the obvious link between moralitiy and education:

Trying to become educated without first acquiring a foundation of moral certainty is futile. It resembles trying to push a Zamboni machine off an ice rink while wearing dress shoes. One would only slip and slide, make a lot of noise and fall on one’s face. Thus it is in our universities, the institutions in which we exert most effort from the shakiest of platforms, that we frequently find moral distortion and embarrassing foolishness.

5:15 AM David Limbaugh documents the growing hostility of secularists against “Christian religion, the Christian church and the free exercise rights of Christians, especially in the public square.”

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