Friday, March 26, 2004

March 26, 2004

4:33 PM We’ve added several more sermon series to the Sermons page: I Will Build My Church from Matthew 16 (4 sermons). This was my very first sermon series at Calvary in August and September 1989. Servants Unlimited (4 sermons) The Ten Commandments For Today (10 sermons) Why I Believe (10 sermons). This series became the basis for my book What a Christian Believes. A Place to Belong (4 sermons) Hat tip to Kathy Duggins for posting these sermons. 8:37 AM Dawn Olson passes along some exciting news about her son Justin who is currently pitching in the Minnesota Twins minor league organization:

The Minnesota Twins general manager has invited him to big league camp!! The Twins have a 1:00 p.m. game against Toronto and he will be suited up and sitting on the bench ready to pitch. He said he didn’t know if he would actually get into the game. It is quite an honor to even get invited to camp.

UPDATE 4:31 PM Justin got to pitch with the Twins today! He pitched one inning, gave up 2 hits, 1 earned run, 1 walk. The Twins ended up winning the game. 8:32 AM Calvary missionaries Norm and Gwen Bowman serve with Greater Europe Mission in Barcelona, Spain. Norm sends an update on the recent terrorist attack in Madrid and how it has impacted their work. Here is his summary:

We refuse to live in the shadow of fear or terror. God is the major circumstance in our lives. When our time on this earth is over we will fly away to our hearts true home, our Heavenly Father. Until then, there is work to be done, life to be lived and hope to be celebrated!

8:22 AM Becky Pippert writes from Louisville, KY, with news of her upcoming evangelism training conference:

My next Saltshaker conference will be June 6-8 (Sunday night-Tuesday at 4:00) at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville. . Quite a few are coming from around the country and from Chicago. Alicia Williamson will do the music [she is so anointed] and Bob Russell (pastor of SCC) will teach one session on Monday. In fact, Bob and I have just decided we will also team- teach a session together on “What is the gospel?” I would love to have folks from Calvery come.

Click here for more details. 8:20 AM Happy Birthday to my brother Ron in Little Rock, Arkansas. If I did my math correctly, Ron turns 48 today. Congrats to Ron and Darla and to Christopher and Karen.

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