Friday, March 19, 2004

March 19, 2004

12:21 PM I just sent the free book offer to 1667 people on the weekly sermon e-mail list. The responses are pouring in fast. If you want one of the 250 copies, you’d better respond now because I think they’ll all be gone by the end of the day. 12:18 PM I’m doing an interview at 5 PM on Prime Time America on the Moody Broadcasting Network. Greg Wheatley and I will be talking about Lent and how we should prepare ourselves for Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter. 12:15 PM Here’s more info (hat tip to Mary Gaskill) on the Awana Olympics tomorrow at Lyons Township High School. The 3rd-6th grade boys and girls are competing at 9:30 until 11:00. Sparks will begin around 12:30. Lynean Celmer, Teresa Shattuck, and Emil Jirsa are coordinating the Sparks. Rob Gaskill and Jon Spann are coordinating the older boys. Erlene Hartman and Sandy Hurt are coordinating the older girls. Bob and Joanne Gill are overseeing all the events … Stay tuned to this weblog tomorrow because I’ll post the results as soon as I receive them. This is the only place on the Internet where you can find this kind of late-breaking Sports news. 8:22 AM Kevin McCullough will soon be back on the air in Chicago—and across Illinois. Since moving to New York last year, he now has the fastest-growing radio talk show in the New York City area. 7:47 AM A friend writes as follows:

The Duluth News Tribune has a story regarding a monument of the Ten Commandments which has been on the lawn outside city hall since 1957. As you probably have already guessed, the Minnesota chapter of the ACLU is trying to get rid of it. Whether this is where people of faith take a stand or not, it does seem clear that those opposed to faith are ready to take the fight anywhere and everywhere.

Readers of this weblog know that I did not fully support Judge Roy Moore and his crusade to keep the Ten Commandments monument in the Judiciary Building in Montgomery, Alabama. Here is how I replied to my friend:

I’ve been thinking about this ever since the Judge Roy Moore flap in Alabama. For various reasons, I was hesitant about it—still am—but as time goes on, you do wonder if perhaps this is a case of “wrong messenger, right message.” On one hand who wants to fight over a granite monument? On the other hand, if it truly doesn’t matter, why is the ACLU fighting so hard about it all over the country? Check out this article. The battle has been joined on the other side. Maybe we won’t have a choice and can’t be picky about our friends or our enemies or where the battleground really is.

7:34 AM Pastor Henoc Lucien shares the latest update from Cap-Haitien, Haiti. 7:31 AM This is the start of a big weekend at Calvary: Saturday—Our Awana children compete in the Awana Olympics. Sunday AM—New worship schedule begins: 8:30 Traditional 10 AM Contemporary (sanctuary) & Upper Room Service (Gym) 11:30 AM Contemporary Sunday PM—Biannual Business Meeting. Dessert social in the Dining Room at 6 PM, business meeting in the sanctuary at 6:30 PM.

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