Friday, June 4, 2004

June 4, 2004

10:15 AM We had supper tonight with Tom and Carol Klobucher as an Italian restaurant in the Oak Brook Mall called Antico Posto, which means “Old House.” In years past I didn’t enjoy Italian restaurants very much, but now that I’m growing up a bit, I’ve gotten into it. This is a fine restaurant—very intimate and authentic. I enjoyed the shrimp and crabmeat ravioli and would give it four stars. I had some kind of chocolate cake with vanilla gelato—excellent. Worth a visit for sure. 10:14 PM Today’s entry in the Crosswalk weblog is called Be a Student, Not a Victim. 8:39 AM Attention all bowlers! If you’re coming to the OPCA Bowlathon (see details in yesterday’s weblog) tomorrow, you need to call the school today to sign up: 708/445-3030. Join Marlene and me as we knock down a few pins to help support Christian education. 8:27 AM Friday shout-out to Larry Bollback, Phil Newton, Al Crespo, Hans Svebakken and Mary Jane Slocum on the eve of their wedding, Sharon LaMonica, Hannah Mayrant, and a super-special greeting to Greg, Carolyn, Christine, Katie, Stephanie and Jonathan Kirschner who leave Jos, Nigeria today on their journey home to Chicago. 8:27 AM This is no big surprise. 8:18 AM Counting down … 2 days until the Family Fun Fest, Sunday, June 6, 12:30-2:30 PM 8 days until the Faith and Freedom Concert, Saturday, June 12, 7 PM This note just in from David Hoy … “At 6:30 and again at 6:45 this morning Mark Elfstrand on WMBI gave a big push for our Family Fun Fest. In their banter he said he had never visited the church, but that maybe his friend Ray Pritchard would invite him now. (He said he has other plans for this weekend).” Hey, Mark, we’d love to have you visit Calvary. Pick your Sunday and you and Rhonda will be my special guests. 8:12 AM Marlene and I are empty-nesters for the moment because Josh and Nick are on the road to Florida. They left yesterday (along with Pat McGuin) and drove to Tupelo, Mississippi where they stayed with my brother Alan. This morning all four of them are driving to Destin, Florida for a few days of R&R at a condo on the beach. This is a “last fling” for Josh and Pat before they leave for China on June 21. Last night about 8:30 PM Marlene and were sitting on the couch talking and Dixie (our miniature Schnauzer) was stretched out on the rug. The house was eerily quiet. Very peaceful. We’re definitely entering a new chapter of life together.

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