Friday, June 25, 2004

June 25, 2004

1:22 PM Welcome to the Brave New World where pastors may someday be arrested for speaking out against homosexuality. Lest you think I am an alarmist, check out these three articles: Senate Passes Homosexual “Hate Crimes” Bill Hate Crimes Sneaks into Defense Appropriation Senate Hate Crimes a “Terrible Precedent” Note: This amendment has not yet become law. It must pass the House and the President must sign the overall bill. Further note: Dick Durbin voted for the Hate Crimes amendment; Peter Fitzgerald voted against it. 1:15 PM Vacation Bible School came to a very successful conclusion this morning as hundreds of children and their parents filled the sanctuary for the closing program. Lots of laughter, very energetic music, recitation of memory verses, a bit of a skit from Brutus (AKA Ron Feley), and then came the highlight. Yesterday Mary Gaskill told me that 23 children had received Christ this week. We’re very careful about how we present the gospel to the children who attend. Basically each child ends up talking with three different leaders so we can be sure they understand the gospel. We go over it and then we go over it again and then again before we pray with them. Today as Mary called their names, each one of the 23 children came forward to receive a Bible presented by Pastor Bob Boerman. Everyone cheered the children as they walked forward one by one. This has been our biggest and most successful VBS ever, and the Lord enabled us to reach many unchurched families. Mary and her team of 70 workers did a super job. 8:39 AM Today’s entry in the Crosswalk weblog is called Modern-Day Baal Worship. 7:49 AM I have just been informed (by my “inside source”) that Oak Park Christian Academy has an opening for a second-grade teacher for the school year starting in late August. If you are interested in applying, or if you know someone who might qualify for this position, please call the school at 708/445-3030 or send an email to

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