Friday, June 20, 2003

June 20, 2003

I wish I could spend more time in Toronto. It’s a beautiful city—very clean, modern, lots of friendly people. Had a hard time getting there. My 5:30 PM flight out of O’Hare was canceled. Got a seat on the 7:57 PM flight, delayed, delayed again (bad weather), finally took off at 9:30 PM. Arrived Toronto just after midnight. The person who was supposed to pick me up got stuck in a massive traffic tie-up caused by an accident so I ended up taking a cab at 1:45 AM and arrived in my hotel room at 2:15 AM. Up just after 6 AM. To the “100 Huntley Place” studios at 7:30 AM. Amazing place, one of the nicest studio complexes I’ve seen. Did a 14-minute interview with Rhonda Glenn that aired live across Canada and was broadcast two other times yesterday. Ran into some folks who heard me speak at Word of Life Florida a few years ago. They came to the studio to answer the Prayer Line phones yesterday when they heard I was doing an interview.

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