Friday, July 18, 2003

July 18, 2003

3:56 PM We’re down the last few hours of our week at Word of Life. Right now Marlene is at the coin-operated laundry washing our clothes. I preached twice this AM and was deeply moved by the spontaneous response of the congregation both times. George Theis told me months ago that people are hungry to hear about the importance of personal forgiveness and he was right. We had lunch with Lou and Thelma Nicholes, longtime Word of Life missionaries. After a long career with the Bible Club movement, and after 11 or 12 years leading short-term missions groups to 42 countries, they now are spearheading Word of Life’s outreach to Asia. They told of amazing open doors in Korea, China and India. Lou has written a series of short Bible commentaries covering the entire Bible that are meant to help parents lead family worship times in the home. You can access the latest version of his work at Tonight I preach one final time at the Inn, then George and Joan Theis invited to come by their home for ice cream. We leave early tomorrow for Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

The Allied Force Costa Rica should be leaving about now for their 10-day trip. Pray for safe travel, good health, spiritual growth and many opportunities to minister to the Costa Rican teens and their families.

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