Friday, January 23, 2004

January 23, 2004

7:54 AM Joanne Hale writes from Whittier, CA, wondering why I haven’t mentioned the boys in a while. Hmmmm. Nick wanted to know the same thing last night. He pointed out that I had not mentioned the fact that just before my earlier trip to Florida, late one night I was hungry and said I wished I had a chocolate pie. Mark said, Do you want us to go get one? Sure, why not? So he and Nick left about 11 PM and drove to Baker’s Square in Melrose Park, where they called me to ask if Chocolate Silk pie was okay. Absolutely. So they bought it and we feasted on it late one night, and I thought about what fine boys we have. And I said I would mention it on my weblog—but I forgot—until now. Just a second ago Marlene dropped Josh off at the train station so he can go to work at the bank downtown. Mark is back at Moody, Nick goes back to Samford on Sunday. Time for me to go to Florida. This will be my last entry until tomorrow night because I’m not taking my computer with me. 6:06 AM Yesterday President Bush offered some powerful words regarding abortion and the right to life. 6:03 AM Al Mohler dissects Wesley Clark. 5:53 AM Do you hav problims speling sum words? If u du, chek this list uv the 100 most oftin mispeled wurds. (Hat tip to Adrian Warnock). 5:48 AM Good morning to one and all. Yesterday I got a phone call from my longtime friend Peter Faulkner in West Virginia. He said he reads this weblog from time to time just to see what I’m doing. Well, this AM I’m up early because I’m heading back to Florida. In an odd quirk of scheduling, I’m flying to Tampa this morning for a quick overnight trip. Tomorrow I speak twice for the Mid-Winter Conference of the Florida Word of Life Bible clubs. After my second talk, Tom Phillips drives me back to the airport for the flight back to Chicago. I should be back home by 6 PM. Saturday.

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