Friday, February 25, 2005

February 25, 2005

11:32 AM Pastor Davis Duggins reports that we now have 10 volunteers for the “Label Party” next Thursday night. We need at least ten more people to complete the project. Scroll down to Wednesday’s weblog entry for complete details about the “Label Party” and then call or email Pastor Davis to let him know you’ll be there. 11:30 AM We know of five people who have trusted Christ in the last week: 2 girls on the high school retreat last weekend, a young boy in Sunday School, and two who trusted Christ yesterday—one led to Christ by Pastor Howard Duncan and another by a man who used the “Bad News-Good News” method we shared at First Watch on Thursday morning. Here’s an email I received from the man who attended First Watch:

Hey Pastor Ray….today you had us pray about the opportunity to lead someone to Christ. I just happened to have a lunch scheduled with one of our employees, someone I did not know that well. I went through the illustrations you had us practice this morning including the Rock illustration and she accepted Jesus Christ as her savior.

Pastor Howard Duncan sent around a note with this wonderful story:

Each Thursday morning I meet with a man who trusted Christ 4 weeks ago. He called me yesterday and asked if he could bring a friend along. His friend was so broken and filled with despair over the sin in his life that he could not look up as he talked. But as we went out for breakfast and then back up to the church office to continue our conversation, he started to look up more and more. Oh the thrill to hear the man who had recently trusted Christ chime in the conversation at just the right time and tell how he had sat in the same chair and was feeling just like him, thinking just like him until he came to the place where he saw that God offered him a “righteousness from God” by grace through faith as a gift of God freely given because of the redemptive work of Christ on the cross. Oh the joy to see the Holy Spirit convict his friend of sin, and of God’s righteousness, and of judgment. Oh the Joy to hear his fiend confess Jesus as Lord and to call out to God to save him, and then to thank God for forgiving him of his sin. So we all can praise God for his work of salvation since his friend left the office a new creature.

We began this year by asking God to do things we’re not used to at Calvary. It’s exciting to see God answer that prayer in ways we never expected. And this is only the end of February.

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