Friday, February 18, 2005

February 18, 2005

7:53 PM Boyd Sylvester of Military Torch Ministry requests prayer for ENS NATE CHASE, USS BARRY DDG-52. 1:49 PM So we’ve got three groups on the road this weekend—the men to Costa Rica, the high schoolers to Traverse City, Michigan, and the 20/20 group to Holland, Michigan. We ask the Lord for safety and his blessing upon all of them. 1:47 PM I just found out about another group from Calvary that will be away this weekend. Thirty people from our 20/20 group will be going to Holland, Michigan for their Winter Retreat. 7:55 AM Peggy Noonan explains how weblogs have changed the face of American journalism. She’s right. Weblogs are the wave of the future. 7:54 AM Today’s Crosswalk weblog entry is called China Talk. 7:14 AM Late this afternoon a group of 70+ high school students and leaders will leave for their Winter Retreat in Traverse City, Michigan. The theme for the weekend is “Thirsty.” Craig Hammond reports that we have a large percentage of unchurhed students going on this retreat. Pray for them to respond to gospel of Christ this weekend. 7:10 AM At this moment 13 men from Calvary on their way to Costa Rica where they will complete a construction project at a ministry center. Here are the 13 men on the trip: Bob Boerman Joe Cesarini John Chledowski Ron Feley Pat Italia Ted King Russell Kozak Mike Maczka Kent Magnusson Jim Nealon Michael Rychtanek Adrin Smith Gelu Ursache Please pray for safety, good health, and for God’s blessing on their work in Costa Rica. They will return on February 27.

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