Friday, February 11, 2005

February 11, 2005

9:50 AM Back home, unpacked, and glad to be home again. Turned out to be a very busy but very rewarding week. Lots of teaching, lots of time spent with key leaders, excellent interaction with the students. Most of the teachers at the BI use overheads or Power Point. I use neither. I give them a 22-page handout that contains outlines of the ten lectures. But I am my own audio-visual. I did timelines, told stories, drew maps in the air, ran from side to side, walked up and down the aisles, and today I laid down on the floor to illustrate “bearing one another’s burdens” from Galatians 6:2. When I finished the final lecture, a student came up and gave me a DVD that contains highlights of my “antics” this week. He smiled when he gave it to me, and I laughed when I received it. A teacher has many jobs, but the first one is, “Keep ’em awake.” When I got home, I found an email from one of the students for whom English is a second language. It explains the joy of teaching the next generation of Christian leaders:

Dear Pastor Ray I just want to thank you for the powerful teaching which you have taught us this week i have really enjoyed your Class and the teaching has an impact in my Life and when i go back to Africa i will teach the book of Galatians. There is a school in Malawi, Africa called Finishline Bible School so after this year i will go back and i will be teaching at this school and the book of Galatians will be the first book to teach this is my first time to learn the book of Galatians in details like this. Once again thank you for you good teaching i will be praying for your church. Yohane

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