Friday, December 5, 2003

December 5, 2003

10:44 PM Several months ago beloved Calvary missionary Miss Eva Lodgaard, who has served the Lord in southeastern Kentucky since 1945, had a fall and has been in poor health. She has been staying at a guest cabin at Camp Nathanael in Emmalena, Kentucky. She sent me the following e-mail:

Dear Pastor Ray, It seems like forever but I reckon its not been too long since I last wrote. In late September or early October I fell and was taken to the Hazard hospital and spent the next two weeks. Your book, “He is God and We Are Not”, went with me. Thanks so much. It was on display and it was visible and caused many to ask about it. I am here in the Guest Cabin at camp and will be through December were I am to rest, energize and eat to grow strong allowing me to return home in January. I am getting stronger and praising God for what He is doing in me and for me. Also thanks that I am here receiving such tender loving care by members of the mission family. Rick’s wife, Cathy, comes over and reads portions of your book whenever she has the time so we are enjoying it together. It is a great challenge to me. May you have a good Christmas season. Miss Eva

10:43 PM Tough game for the Golden Tigers tonight. Briarwood wins, 31-7. 1:16 PM Best wishes to the Russellville Golden Tigers who play for the Alabama 5A state football championship against Briarwood Christian at Legion Field in Birmingham tonight. During my high school years, the Golden Tigers won back-to-back state championships in 1967-68 (and none since then). In the 33 years since I graduated from high school, I’ve been back to see them play five or six times. If I lived closer to Birmingham, I would go to the game. Since I can’t be there, I’ll be cheering from Oak Park for my hometown team to win it all tonight. 1:10 PM Renovation update … AC ducts in Dining Room area have been enclosed… Big news from the portico: I walked upstairs from the basement and saw what looked like a flashing red laser in the entryway from the portico area. The workers told me it is an electric saw that cuts through limestone and granite. Today I watched as a worker very carefully cut into one of the large columns to create the openings for the frames that will hold the glass windows inside the archways… . The stonework around the entrance is almost complete… . Work continues on the gym floor. 1:04 PM Special Friday hellos to John and Evie Wicker in Kansas, to my friend David Ang in Singapore, to Rick and Joanne Hale in California, to Emily Johnson at Trinity-Pawling School in New York, to Greg Thornton and Bill Thrasher of Moody Publishers, to Bob Johnsen, to Bill Daniel, to Barbara and Charles Corbett in Mississippi, and congratulations to Dan and Julie Norton on the safe arrival of the twins—Sadie and Wesley. 1:01 PM 1 more day till “Two From Galilee.” I peeked into the sanctuary this AM. The entire stage area has been transformed into a scene from the first century. We’re all sold out—but there will be a few tickets available at the Welcome Desk in the lobby a few minutes before each performance.

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