Friday, August 27, 2004

August 27, 2004

8:22 PM The Internet is amazing. This week I’ve heard from two people who knew me from my days growing up in Russellville, Alabama. They found the Calvary website and wrote to say hello. I heard from Ron Bradford, a classmate of mine from 1965-66. It’s been that long since I’ve had any contact with him. He now pastors the Church of God of Prophecy in Russellville. He saw my picture on the Sermon Central website and made the connection that way. Just a few minutes ago an email arrived from Bob Burton, who pastored the Southside Baptist Church in Russellville during the late 60s. This was his message:

Was surfing the net and came across your church page. I was pastor at Southside Church in Russellville, Alabama, when you answered the call to preach there at FBC. I was glad to learn of your continued ministry. I am delighted that you are a prolific author. I think that is a great wey to share the ministry. I knew your father well. He was my doctor while I lived there in the city. I am finishing 40 years in the pastorate and hope I am just getting started. I pastor a Methodist church here in Edmonton,KY. I came here from a pastorate of 11 years in Louisiana.

Every part of that note makes me smile, but the best part is the reference to my father. 8:20 PM Today’s Crosswalk weblog is called Time to Say Thank You. 8:16 PM The American Prophecies by Michael Evans is now near the top of the New York Times bestseller list. I am interested in the book because it gives prominence to William E. Blackstone, the founder of the Christian Zionist movement, who lived in Oak Park from 1870-1900. Part of that time he lived in a house on what is now our west parking lot. 8:12 PM Counting down the days … 12 days until the Concert of Prayer for “God Speaks Today” 16 days until the “God Speaks Today” series begins. 27 days until “First Watch” begins.

8:12 PM Nick left for Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, this morning. He will be rooming with John Mark Edwards this year.

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