Friday, August 13, 2004

August 13, 2004

5:35 PM Just received this urgent email and request for prayer:

Dear Friends of Missionary Boat Glory To Thee, If there was ever a time to pray for God’s divine hand of protection it is now! Our missionary boat Glory To Thee is on the direct path of Hurricane “Charlie” in Port Charlotte, FL. Pray that she is upheld on her dry dock birth. Also pray for these boats. Stardust, Charis, Wild Thing, Dave and Libby boat, Asta Luego, et al. Bill and Joyce, and all our friends there. Now Unto Him, Pastor Captains John and Gaydean Nolte

Some months ago we donated 250 copies of “An Anchor for the Soul” to this unusual missionary outreach. Let’s pray for God’s protection as the hurricane passes over Port Charlotte this afternoon. 8:44 AM Each week I send out the weekly sermon to an email list that now reaches nearly 1550 people. These days nearly all the new sign-ups come from outside Chicago, and many come from other countries. Just received this note a few minutes ago from Japan:

We welcome your sermons and look forward to them. The reason we have subscribed to your messages is that we are missionaries in Japan and sometimes feel the need to be fed in our own language, get some other people’s viewpoints, and if you will, get a kick in the spiritual pants, sometimes, too! God bless you and continue to give you the ability and wisdom in continuing serving Him at your best. By the Lord’s marvelous grace, Jane, for Fred, too Serving with Child Evangelsim Fellowship Inc.

8:38 AM Two new books on the ever-growing pile: Leading From the Middle by William P. Robinson. Dr. Robinson is the president of Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington. He was born in Elmhurst, by the way. Bring ‘Em Back Alive by Dave Burchett. Subtitled “A Healing Plan for Those Wounded by the Church.” I read the manuscript a few months ago and was glad to write an endorsement for it. My friend Dave says that the church must reach out those who are wounded and “bring ’em back alive” if we can. He also offers candid advice to those who have been hurt. Highly recommended. I plan to write a detailed review for the Crosswalk weblog later today. 8:36 AM At this moment I’m working in my office at the church. In the background I can hear Paul Lynch singing “When We All Get to Heaven,” from his album called “Majesty and Glory.” Paul comes from my hometown of Russellville, Alabama. He gave me this cassette tape over 10 years ago, and I’m enjoying listening to an old friend sing uplifting music. 8:31 AM I just realized that it’s Friday the 13th. Should we be worried? Not at all. Though the superstition is ancient, it has no biblical basis. We believe that “this is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:24). Christ is the Lord of every day, including Friday the 13th.

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