Friday, April 8, 2005

April 8, 2005

2:53 PM Craig Hammond just released the final results of the Calvary Staff March Madness Bracket Contest: 1st Place: Kathy Duggins – 66 pts 2nd Place: Ray Pritchard – 63 pts 3rd Place: Howard Duncan – 59 pts 4th Place: Davis Duggins – 55 pts 5th Place: John Sredl – 51 pts 6th Place: Craig Hammond – 49 pts Readers of this blog will recall that Kathy and I were tied for the lead after two rounds. A close inspection of the results shows that Kathy and I were tied in rounds 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6. She beat me in round 3, 12 to 9. That’s the round where the field was reduced from sixteen to eight teams. Congratulations, Kathy. You are the staff bracket champion of Calvary Memorial Church! 1:09 PM I’m going to be doing an interview with Kevin McCullough on WMCA in New York at 2:20 PM CDT today to discuss my recent column Did the Pope go to Heaven?. You can listen live and call in with a question or comment, or you can listen to the broadcast later by going to Kevin’s blog and clicking on the “Listen Live” button in the left-hand column. 12:31 PM Darin Weil reports that the current number for the Calvary 500 is 215. That means we have trained 215 people in how to share Christ so far this year. Darin notes that this month training will be completed in the junior high, high school and 20/20 groups, which should bring our total to over 300 by the end of April.

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