Friday, April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005

12:47 PM Do you know where Bob Boerman, Rob Gaskill, Darin Weil and Craig Hammond will be tomorrow night? They’re going to the rodeo. 12:47 PM The latest entry in the Crosswalk weblog is called It’s Friday and I’m Glad. 10:30 AM Just found an excellent short introduction to multi-site ministry called One Church, Multiple Congregations. 8:45 AM Here’s a brat question. I think we’re going to grill brats tonight, which reminds me of Chuck Csakai’s famous line from “Day in the Village” in the early 90s when we were selling hamburgers and brats in the west parking lot. In one of the services, I was trying to generate some enthusiasm for the event and told parents they should buy hamburgers and brats for their kids. Chuck came up to me after the service and suggested this line, which I used in the next service: “Buy a brat a brat.” People from other parts of the country may not understand that, which makes it even better. So we’re thinking about grilling brats tonight. When I told Marlene I would pick up some Johnsonville Brats at the grocery story, she said they might not be available yet. That amazes me. Is it true that grocery stores don’t sell brats all year round? Is that even legal? Every grocery store should be required by law to sell these four items at all times: brats, chocolate cake, deoderant (because when you need it, you need it), and AA batteries. 8:44 AM The Rapture Index now stands at 152. 8:39 AM So guess what I just did? I dropped off my taxes in the mail. Marlene congratulated me on getting them done early this year. Getting them in the mail 16 hours ahead of time is way early for me. 8:34 AM Friday shout-out to Paul Boesche, Irma Csakai, Larry Bollback, Dan Allen, Dawn Marie, Reggie and Menia Matthews, Tim and Elsa McKee, Matt and Amy Hopp, Penny Hubble, Margie Gilchrist, Joli Phillips, Joe Flores, Pat Tyma, John and Pam Uhlir.

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