Friday, April 12, 2005

August 12, 2005

9:20 PM Why most doctors believe in God. 9:06 PM Have you been to the Brown Cow lately? 5:39 PM 1492 miles. 10:06 AM When I got to my office yesterday, I found a note in front of my computer that read, “I’ll see your 20 and raise you 20!” John Sredl left the note because I’ve been bugging him to “give me 20” miles on his bike. He hadn’t done much riding this summer, but I guess he did his 20 miles while I was gone to New York. Now I’ve got to do 20 more just to keep up. 8:29 AM I repeat. It’s not going to rain on the picnic tomorrow. 8:20 AM A big Friday “I’m glad the weekend is here” shout out to Del Rogers in Dallas, Jeff and Claudia Eaton, Fran VanBruggen, Pat Williams in Orlando, Bill and Mary Sack, Dorothy Blanchard, Ted and Leanna Engel, Ed Sagan who is on a business trip in the Far East and is probably in Singapore at the moment, Nelly Krems, George & Sharon Sifnotis, Kathy Hays, Marty Briner in Spring Arbor, Michigan, Emil and Joy Jirsa, Pat and Sandy Sheehan, Shirley Wilson, Max Bunch somewhere in Texas (I think), Rich and Andrea Nordstrom in New Jersey, Judy Hwang, Crystal Mazza, Emily Johnson, Justin Batz in Jamestown, North Dakota, Douglas Liefeld, and to Pastor Wayne Morrell in East Wilton, Maine.

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