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Justice: The Real American Dream - Proverbs 24:11-12

I’d like to begin by telling you something that I ran across in a bookstore. I think you might be interested in this. When I started these sermons on Proverbs, I challenged you to take the Book of Proverbs and read it through in a month. There are 31 chapters in Proverbs, 31 days in most months, so you would read one chapter per day. A lot of people add to that and take the book of Psalms, which has 150 chapters, and read five More

Where Grace and Wrath Meet - Romans 3:24-26

God is fully satisfied with the work of his Son. Those who come to him find that their sins are forgiven forever. More

Playing with Fire: Can We Still Believe in Hell? - Luke 16:19-31

What must I do to go to hell? Here is the shocking answer: Nothing, nothing at all. If you do nothing about your soul, hell is where you will go. More

When Life Goes Bad - Revelation 2:8-11

To those who stand strong in the midst of trials, the best is yet to come. We will receive the “crown of life” and reign with Jesus forever. The “second death” in hell cannot touch us at all. More

What God Remembers That We Forget - Psalm 103:6-18

If you’re wondering what God thinks about you, let’s take a journey through Psalm 103 and discover seven liberating truths about God’s heart. These verses reveal that he shows mercy to those who don’t deserve it, he remembers that we are dust, and he links us with eternity by linking us with himself. More

Grumblers Anonymous - Matthew 20:1-16

This parable is not just teaching us about final rewards. It is also probing at the level of our motives. Why are we doing what we do? If it’s a straight reward you want, fine, you’ll get it. God will never cheat you. But that’s all you’ll get. And you’ll go to heaven grumbling all the way, always checking to see how you are doing compared with someone else - overestimating your own importance and underestimating the grace of God. Bu More

The ABC’s of Wisdom: Building Character with Solomon - Justice


Breaking Down Walls: Racial Prejudice and The Christian Gospel - Psalm 139:23-24; 2 Corinthians 5:17

What does the Christian gospel have to say to racial prejudice? This sermon explores Dr. Martin Luther’s King’s legacy and the unfinished challenge of racial reconciliation. The gospel provides the only lasting answer to the problems of prejudice, bigotry and racial division. More

When You Pray, Never Give Up - Luke 18:1-8

My goal in this sermon is very simple. I hope to convince you of the importance of persistence in prayer. I want you to see that God is greatly glorified when we continue in prayer over a long period of time. Or to say it another way, I want us to understand that we ought not to give up when we pray. We can say the same thing two different ways: It is good and important that we not give up.God is greatly glorified when we do not More

God's Word Has Not Failed - Romans 9:6-18

For many people no question seems as puzzling as the problem of unanswered prayer. Why is it that some things we pray about are never answered? We could all spend hours remembering times when we prayed and prayed, often with tears, only to conclude in the end that our prayers had not been answered.—Every cemetery reminds us that not all our prayers are answered.—Every cancer diagnosis testifies to the suffering of this More

Here Comes the Judge: Bad News for Modern Man - Acts 17:31

"Now this matter is between me, the two people I love most—my wife and our daughter—and our God.” Those are the words of President Bill Clinton as he addressed the nation last Monday night. Roger Simon is a veteran reporter and columnist. In his weekly column for America Online, he offered the following analysis of the President’s words: “I don’t know what Clinton means by that, but I do know one t More

Martin Luther's Highway to Heaven - Romans 1:16-17

It is a mark of our changing times that many people have only a vague idea who Martin Luther is. Most of us have heard his name but we’re not sure where he’s from or what he did or when he lived. Some of us even get him mixed up with someone else. I would venture to say that most of us are aware of the fact that Martin Luther was a religious leader who managed somehow to get a whole denomination named after himself. A More

WHO'S THE BOSS? - MARK 8:34-36

The voice on the other end of the phone said, “Pastor Ray, I need to talk to you.” It was an old friend from Texas who was visiting his wife’s family in Indiana. Could they come by and see us? Yes, of course, we’d be delighted. My friend said he had a big decision to make and he needed some advice.Then I remembered another time four or five years ago when Bruce had come to me with another big decision. Ba More

What God Wants For Christmas - Micah 6:6-8

There are only ten days left until Christmas. Have you done your shopping yet? Be careful, because there are some crazy people out there. Have you heard about this new doll called Tickle Me, Elmo? Every year there seems to be one new item that everyone has to have. A few years ago it was Cabbage Patch Dolls, then it was Nintendo video games. This year it’s Tickle Me, Elmo. The problem is, everyone wants this doll and no o More

The Blessed Benefits - Psalm 103:1-5

Many of us need to give God a “one-minute praising” for all his blessings. We’re sure good at telling the Lord what we want him to do for us. We need a good dose of Psalm 103 to wash out that complaining spirit and replace it with a heart of gratitude to the Lord. More

How Can I Learn to Forgive? - Matthew 18:21-35

Here are some of the questions people asked about forgiveness: • What really is forgiveness? • How can one do it? • What does it do for the forgiver? • How do you find it in yourself to forgive when you think you can’t or don’t even want to because of anger and hate that you can’t let go of? • How do I keep the past the past? • How can I handle/correct my anger in a way that More

If God is Sovereign, Why Pray? - Matthew 6:8

We pray because everything depends on God and not on us. More

Hot Coals: Loving Those You'd Rather Hate - Romans 12:17-21

This week I ran across the words of Booker T. Washington, founder of the world-famous Tuskegee Institute in my home state of Alabama. As a black man growing up in the segregated South, he knew more than his share about hatred, prejudice and unfair treatment. But as a Christian, he also knew that a man is not judged by what he goes through, but by how he responds to it. He expressed his credo in one powerful sentence: “I wil More

Where Grace and Wrath Meet: What the Cross Meant to God - Romans 3:24-26

Easter comes in just six weeks. In order to prepare our hearts we are going to take the five weeks leading up to Palm Sunday to focus on the cross of Christ. I do not intend to repeat the details of what happened on Good Friday. Most of us know the story very well. Instead I want to ask what happened when Jesus died outside the city walls at the place called Skull Hill. We all understand that the cross is the very heart of the Christ More

Sola Fide: By Faith Alone - Romans 3:27-31

This is the final message in the series on the four solas of the Reformation. I have saved sola fide-by faith alone-for the last because it is the logical climax of all we have said so far. If sola scriptura is the “material principle” of the Reformation, then sola fide is the formal principle. That is, “faith alone” brings us to the heart of the dispute between Protestants and Roman Catholics. So important is More

Invitation to the Heart of God - Matthew 6:9

We approach the Lord’s Prayer with humility, saying with the first disciples, “Lord, teach us to pray.” Through prayer we journey from wherever we are on earth to the very heart of God. More

Serving to the End - Malachi 3:13-18

Are you looking around and complaining, or are you looking up and comprehending? As God eavesdrops on our lives, He makes a distinction between those who know Him and those who do not. We see this in the last verse of Malachi 3: “And you will again see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not.” More

Song of a Slipping Saint - Psalm 73

“When we put our coming glory on the scales of eternity, the passing prosperity of the wicked amounts to nothing at all.” More

Love Means Telling the Truth - 2 Corinthians 7:8-13

God intends for the church to become a body of committed, loving truth-tellers. Easy to say, hard to do. More

Sinners in the Hands of a Merciful God - Romans 11:30-32

Earlier this week I received a copy of John Ensor’s book More

How to be a Godly Rebel - Romans 13:1-7

Winston Churchill once remarked that “democracy is the worst form of government until you consider the alternatives.” How true. Democracy is messy and difficult and maddeningly slow because it depends on the will of the people. But who among us would prefer to live under a dictatorship? The recent elections make it clear that democracy doesn’t always work the way we would like it to work. Sometimes the “wron More

The Christian’s Supreme Boast - Jeremiah 9:23-24

“Tell them, Pastor Ray, tell them that nothing matters except Christ. The young people need to know this before it’s too late.” So said my friend Jim Johnsen on my first visit with him in the hospital a few weeks ago. “Nothing matters except Christ.” We all know it’s true. Why does it take sickness or tragedy for us to believe it? We spend our days and weeks and years chasing the pot of gold at the end More

Christian Boldness in an Age of Tolerance - Genesis 18:16-33

There is a new, dark definition of tolerance emerging in our world. Josh McDowell argues that toleration has replaced justice as the primary American virtue. Tolerance today means that every view of truth and morality is equal to every other view. This view of toleration differs from the classic view in that it says that there is no such thing as absolute truth. How should we respond? More

Playing with Fire: Can We Still Believe in Hell? - Luke 16:19-31

It’s easy to go to extremes whenever the topic of hell comes up. Either we focus on lurid descriptions of the damned burning in eternal torment or we avoid the topic altogether. Earlier generations tended to stress the former. In his classic sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” Jonathan Edwards offered this description of hell waiting to receive impenitent sinners: “The devil is waiting for them, hel More

The Only Way to Be Right With God - Romans 3:21-26

This morning we are considering the greatest question in the world—How can a man be right with God? It is the supreme problem of life. No more important question could ever be asked.Every sincere person asks this question. Every sincere Methodist asks, “How can a man be right with God?” Every sincere Presbyterian asks, “How can a man be right with God?” Every sincere Catholic asks, “How can a man b More

Who is Jesus Christ? - Matthew 16:13-16

Who is Jesus Christ? A good man? A great teacher? A revolutionary leader? Or is he the Christ, the Son of the Living God? Your eternal destiny hangs on your answer. More

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About The Christian Life - Chapter 1


The ABC’s of Wisdom: Building Character with Solomon - Bribery


Something New Under the Sun: Ancient Wisdom for Contemporary Living - 35. BROKEN HEARTS ON EVERY CORNER


Are You Satisfied With God? - Genesis 45

Nothing is ever wasted. Everything “fits” somewhere. More

The Silent Savior - Isaiah 53:7-9

You find out what you really believe when others mistreat you. More

A Few Good Men - Genesis 18:16-33

On this Memorial Day we honor the men and women of the armed forces, both those who have served with distinction in the past and those who serve our country today. Most of you are familiar with the Marine Corps slogan: “We’re looking for a few good men.” That’s appropriate because throughout history every great battle has come down to a handful of soldiers who stood their ground in the face of withering oppo More

Have You Stopped Blaming Others For Your Problems? - John 5:1-9

You probably don’t recognize the name Bob Shannon unless you happen to be a student of Illinois high school football, in which case you know exactly who he is. Bob Shannon is the head football coach at East Saint Louis High School. I happened to be watching the game between Illinois and Houston yesterday when Dan Dierdorf mentioned that one of the Illinois players came from East St. Louis High School. He called it “one More

The Church in Many Places - Acts 8:1-4

God uses catastrophe and disasters to scatter the church so that His word can be spread to all parts of the world. We can become comfortable and content in our lives, but God in His sovergn nature does things we are not used to. More

A Survival Kit for Tough Times - 1 Peter 5

We come this morning to the end of our series on I Peter. This is the 24th and final message. We started on the last Sunday of July and we end on Mother’s Day. It was summer when we started and we end with summer not that far away. In my first sermon I said that we were going to study I Peter because it is short, simple and it speaks to us today. Peter wrote to scattered believers to encourage them to live for Christ in a hosti More

Straight Talk About Predestination - Romans 9:19-29

In the history of the Christian church, few doctrines have been so hotly debated as the doctrine of predestination. Since predestination is a biblical concept, we must face this doctrine squarely whether we like it or not. It’s in the Bible, therefore we must first seek to understand it and then to ask what difference it makes. More

Jesus The Revolutionary: Mary's Song - Luke 1:48-55

When the history of the 20th century is finally written, it may well be that the last forty years will be called the Age of Revolution. First we had the cultural revolution, then we had the sexual revolution, which was followed by the technological revolution. In the last few years we have had a political revolution. Consider the amazing events of 1991. Just 12 months ago the eyes of the world were focused on the Persian Gulf. T More

The Winds Of War - Matthew 24:6

(Date: January 20, 1991)What a week it’s been for all of us! This has been one of those rare moments when time, which had been rolling smoothly along, suddenly came to a total halt. Do you remember where you were when you heard the news?It was late Wednesday afternoon and I was rushing home so I could eat supper and get back for prayer meeting. I pulled out of the parking lot, turned right on Lake Street, left on Kenilworth, ri More

Holy, Holy, Holy - Isaiah 6

Before we can understand what it means to be holy, we must understand what it means to say that God is holy. In many ways holiness is God’s central attribute. One writer actually defines it this way. “Holiness is that which makes God God.” Dr. Renald Showers calls it “the foundational truth of revelation.” More

A Forgotten Doctrine: The Wrath of God - Romans 1:18-20

Sometimes the title tells the whole story. My sermon today is about the wrath of God. It is truly a forgotten doctrine, even in the evangelical church. I’ll dare say that many of you have never heard a sermon on God’s wrath—that is, not a full sermon devoted to this one topic. The reasons for this apparent neglect are not hard to find. Most of us would rather hear about love and grace. I know I would rather preach a More

Going Against the Flow - 1 Peter 4:1-6

“Therefore, since Christ suffered in his body, arm yourselves also with the same attitude, because he who has suffered in his body is done with sin. As a result, he does not live the rest of his earthly life for evil human desires, but rather for the will of God. For you have spent enough time in the past doing what pagans choose to do—living in debauchery, lust, drunkenness, orgies, carousing and detestable idolatry. The More

What is the Difference Between a Real Christian and a Religious Person? - John 3

Being religious is not the same as being a real Christian. Jesus said even the best among us must be born again. A religious person has religion; a Christian has been born again through personal faith in Jesus Christ. It’s as simple as that. Religion is good but Jesus is better. More

A Hard Question

A HARD QUESTION by Ray Pritchard We were just a few seconds away from a station break during a live radio interview two days after the terrorist attacks on September 11. The host, wanting to keep his audience tuned in, announced that he had a hard question for me, and that he would ask it before the break and let me answer … More

What Is At Stake

On November 7 the American people will elect a new president and vice president, 435 members of the House of Representatives, and one-third of the Senate. In addition, there are thousands of statewide and local races that will be decided on that day. How should Christians approach their responsibilities in the coming electi… More

Life Has Been Good - Various

This is the fifth year I have been privileged to give a State of the Church address to Calvary Memorial Church. In my first message I quoted the great Chicago architect Daniel Burnham who said, “Make no small plans. They have no power to stir men’s blood.”As far as I have been able, I have attempted to follow that advice. From the very first day I set foot in Oak Park, I felt that this was a church with a great p More

Killing of Women and Children

Please explain Ezekiel chapter 9 about the killing of woman and children. Why would God do this. Unbelievers use this as a reason to reject God. Thanks.

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The Healing Power of Forgiveness

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