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Good Words for Today: May 19

May 19, 2017

“Our citizenship is in heaven” (Philippians 3:20). “Christians must constantly remember that we live here, but don’t belong here.” Don Carson

Good Words for Today: May 18

May 18, 2017

The more you encourage others, the more you are encouraged. Like the miracle of the loaves and fish, the more you give, the more you have. By giving encouragement to a fellow traveler, the spigot of God’s blessings is opened to you. So far from running out, before long you are running over with God’s […]

Good Words for Today: May 17

May 17, 2017

A cartoon from the Wall Street Journal shows a man walking up a set of stairs toward the gate of heaven. Above the gate is a sign with two words: “No Deals.” This time the Journal got it absolutely right. God makes no deals when it comes to heaven. You either enter by way of […]

Good Words for Today: May 16

May 16, 2017

“The problem in America today is not the presence of darkness. It’s the absence of light.” Jason Benham

Good Words for Today: May 15

May 15, 2017

Love does not run away. Love doesn’t take the easy way out. Love runs toward the battle, not away from it.

Good Words for Today: May 14

May 14, 2017

How precious are a mother’s tears! There is no substance on earth more valuable than the tears of a godly mother. There are mothers and grandmothers who have prayed their children and their grandchildren to Christ. There are mothers and grandmothers who have seen their children in the “far country” of sin and have prayed […]

Good Words for Today: May 13

May 13, 2017

A friend told me about his struggles in yielding everything to God. He said that he envisions his life as a great ship with the Lord at the helm. But every so often he wants to tap God on the shoulder and say, “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Rest easy, child of […]

Good Words for Today: May 12

May 12, 2017

“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” Winston Churchill

Good Words for Today: May 11

May 11, 2017

“He who goes out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing, shall come home with shouts of joy, bringing his sheaves with him” (Psalm 126:6). I’m responsible to sow the seeds of truth faithfully, lovingly, repeatedly. I’m not responsible for how fast the harvest comes in. The timing of the harvest is not in my hands, but if I […]

Good Words for Today: May 10

May 10, 2017

Money is like manure. If you pile it up, it stinks. But if you spread it around, it can do a lot of good. What are you doing with the money God has given you?

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