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An Anchor for the Soul - Ray Pritchard



Moody Publishers

An Anchor for the Soul

By Ray Pritchard

People have honest doubts and questions about God that deserve solid answers. How do we explain the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way the ’man on the street’ will understand?

Dr. Ray Pritchard does exactly that in his best selling book and 10 year anniversary edition, An Anchor for the Soul. With doubters, seekers, and skeptics in mind, he writes in simple language, using limited Scripture references.

In a clear, straightforward presentation, he answers questions such as:

Through stories and illustrations, Pastor Pritchard very personally yet gently challenges his readers with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Translations of this book

Een Anker voor de Ziel


믿음의 항해


Un refuge pour l'âme


Un Ancla para el Alma


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ECFA member

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