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Three Questions for Christmas – Dec 24, 2019 – 24.18
A special Christmas message for American Family Radio.
Who’s in Charge Here? – Dec 17, 2019 – 35:12
Have you resigned as general manager of the universe?
Three Levels of Prayer – Nov 6, 2019 – 28:28
Jesus told us to ask, seek, and knock. Do this, and the answers will come.
What is Saving Faith? – Oct 11, 2019 – 46:46
Chris Fabry and Ray Pritchard discuss what it means to have saving faith in Jesus Christ.
Answers to Tough Questions About the Faith – Aug 16, 2019 – 15:24
Pastor Ray talks to Eric and Brigitte on Moody Radio about questions raised by high-profile Christians who have recently left the faith.
Angry Times – Aug 13, 2019 – 46:52
Chris Fabry and Ray Pritchard discuss how to keep your cool when everyone else is losing theirs.
Swimming Upstream – Aug 6, 2019 – 31:51
Sermon preached at Colonial Baptist Church, Cary, NC, Aug 4, 2019.
Cannon Beach Q&A with Mark and Ray – Jul 16, 2019 – 50:28
Here’s a Q&A we did at Cannon Beach Conference Center, July 12, 2019.
AFR Memorial Day Special: Next Man Up – May 31, 2019 – 24:18
Will you be God’s next man up?
Finding Hope During Holy Week – Apr 16, 2019 – 46:53
Ray Pritchard and Chris Fabry discuss faith and doubt in light of Holy Week. How do you keep believing in the hardest times?
How to Pray for Your Prodigal – Apr 5, 2019 – 31:45
Adam Miller and Pastor Ray discuss the problem of prodigals and how to pray for them. We need this because we all know a prodigal who needs to come back to the Lord.
As for Me and My House – Mar 25, 2019 – 45:49
We must choose daily to serve the Lord.
How to Thrive at 85 – Mar 25, 2019 – 37:01
If you’re not dead, you’re not done. God still have work for you to do.
Something Good from Something Bad – Mar 25, 2019 – 42:28
If God could save prostitutes and con men, he can certainly save us.
Sin in the Camp – Mar 25, 2019 – 41:25
God loves us too much to let us get away with sin.
Five Steps to a Miracle – Mar 25, 2019 – 33:40
When King Jesus leads the way, the walls must come tumbling down.
Crossing Jordan – Mar 25, 2019 – 37:37
Let’s go down to the river and see what God will do!
Grace in a Strange Place – Mar 25, 2019 – 40:38
If God could save Rahab, he can save anyone! Your sin can’t cancel God’s grace.
Next Man Up – Mar 25, 2019 – 37:15
God’s workers die, but God’s work goes on. After Moses died, Joshua was God’s next man up.
Should We Observe Lent? – Mar 12, 2019 – 5:16
Ray Pritchard talks about Lent with Ed Vitagliano on American Family Radio.
Romans 1 and Today’s World – Mar 5, 2019 – 4:55
Check out this five-minute audio clip from "Today’s Issues" on American Family Radio.
What is Your Life? – Feb 20, 2019 – 40:28
Only one life, ’Twill soon be past, Only what’s done for Christ will last.
That Dumb Thing I Did – Jan 12, 2019 – 22:19
Here’s the audio of my conversation with Chris Fabry on Moody Radio about how I managed to wreck my left ankle in a bike accident. We laughed a lot and together recounted the goodness of the Lord.
Lessons from My Bike Accident – Jan 9, 2019 – 23:53
Today marks one week since my bike accident. I recorded a 23-minute podcast to tell how it happened and a few lessons I’ve learned so far.
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