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The ABCs of Christmas – Dec 20, 2016 – 24:26
Once I was poor. Now I am rich. That’s the grace of God. And it happened because of Christmas.
Why Christ Had to Come – Dec 11, 2016 – 24:18
Christmas is all about who we are, and who God is, and how far God will go to save us.
His Love Endures Forever – Dec 5, 2016 – 24:18
When you feel yourself tempted to despair, rest your soul on this truth: His love endures forever.
Leaving a Godly Legacy – Nov 22, 2016 – 42:26
The proof of our legacy will not be seen until after we are gone. We must leave with the job unfinished, knowing that the Lord can finish what we have started.
God and Our Grandchildren – Nov 14, 2016 – 44:08
God intends to bless your grandchildren through you!
Like a Thief – Oct 27, 2016 – 35:52
Jesus is coming soon. Are you ready?
Will the Election Split the Church? – Oct 13, 2016 – 21:12
In a radio interview with Chris Fabry, Pastor Ray offers four suggestions for how to survive the three weeks until the election.
What James Robison Said to Donald Trump – Oct 11, 2016 – 19:49
James Robison shares what he told Donald Trump when he met with him several months ago.
Will We See Our Loved Ones Again? – Oct 7, 2016 – 35:54
There will be victory on the last battlefield.
Abstain! A Serious Call to Moral Purity – Sep 27, 2016 – 38:26
No message is more needed in the evangelical church today.
God Doesn’t Play Favorites – Aug 25, 2016 – 29:33
We all go to the heaven the same way--by the grace and mercy of God.
How to Pray When Life Blows Up – Aug 25, 2016 – 40:09
Nowhere will your heart be on clearer display than in the trials of life.
Living in Hard Times – Aug 25, 2016 – 41:54
Our trials are necessary, but that doesn’t make them easy.
Unquestioned Integrity – Aug 10, 2016 – 45:04
When life and death issues are at stake, only the truth will do.
Living in the Last Days – Aug 10, 2016 – 43:03
We were made for times like these.
Battle of the Gods – Jul 23, 2016 – 41:15
Whose side are you on? It’s time to make up your mind!
Apostle of the Broken Heart – Jul 23, 2016 – 39:46
Doubt can be the prelude to an even deeper faith in God.
The High Cost of Freedom – Jul 5, 2016 – 24:18
Freedom isn’t free. There is a price that must be paid
Barabbas or Jesus? – Jul 1, 2016 – 31:24
I am Barabbas. And so are you.
What Will You Do With Jesus? – Jun 23, 2016 – 32:27
But no one can think about Jesus forever. There comes a time when you must decide.
Accidental Cross – Jun 16, 2016 – 40:37
Have you ever found the cross of Christ? Has the cross of Christ ever found you?
Standing in the Evil Day – May 31, 2016 – 24:16
We were made for times like these.
What Moves Your Mountain? – May 25, 2016 – 29:04
God is looking for some men and women who will dare to live by faith.
The World is Going to Hell – May 17, 2016 – 38:12
What can we do about it?
Mystery Man – May 3, 2016 – 36:54
Judas should have been better or worse. What can we learn from his strange, sad story?
Don’t be a Fool! – Apr 23, 2016 – 39:47
Smart people become fools when they aren’t ready to die.
Close But Not Close Enough – Apr 4, 2016 – 30:24
In our zeal to serve God, we may actually end up opposing him.
Broken Things – Mar 30, 2016 – 36:57
God knows how to put broken things back together again.
Faces Around the Cross – Mar 22, 2016 – 48:32
Ray Pritchard and Chris Fabry talk about what we can learn from Mary, Judas, Peter, and others who met Jesus in his final days.
Mary’s Gift – Mar 13, 2016 – 38:26
Let your affections for Jesus be lavish, and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.
When Faith Falters – Mar 4, 2016 – 48:00
A conversation with Chris Brooks of Moody Radio about how to deal with doubt.
The Decision You Must Make – Feb 25, 2016 – 29:02
Christ has paid it all. He stands knocking at the door. What will your answer be?
What is a Christian? and Other Important Questions – Feb 16, 2016 – 46:52
Ray Pritchard sits down with Chris Fabry to answer questions about the Christian life.
If I Believe, Why Do I Doubt? – Feb 8, 2016 – 44:55
Message given at Moody Founder’s Week, February 5, 2016.
God Has A Bigger Plan – Jan 27, 2016 – 47:52
God’s purposes span the centuries. He does not confine himself to our timetable or limit himself to our puny understanding of what he intends to do.
The Faith God Honors – Jan 27, 2016 – 33:48
How much faith does it take to go to heaven? It depends. The answer is not much and all you’ve got.
The Great Exchange – Jan 20, 2016 – 35:08
Write it in big letters. When it comes to saving your soul, WORKS DON’T WORK!
A Man Called Jesus – Jan 11, 2016 – 30:58
Who is Jesus Christ? If you want to go to heaven, you need to know the answer to that question.
One Word You Shouldn’t Say in 2016 – Jan 1, 2016 – 24:18
You can do everything God calls you to do this year.
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