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  1. Can I Lose My Salvation? (31:37)
  2. Christmas Joy (35:59)
  3. Christmas Tears (34:20)
  4. What Happens When We Die? (31:33)
  5. David Jeremiah Interview on God’s Love (38:43)
  6. What is a Real Christian? (29:28)
  7. Our Crucified God (28:25)
  8. The Fool on the Hill (27:51)
  9. Saints and Sinners (43:48)
  10. God Always Keeps His Promises (56:23)
  11. He Became Sin for Us (33:19)
  12. Where Grace and Wrath Meet (43:29)
  13. The Church in China (20:53)
  14. A Place to Serve (34:36)
  15. A Place to Share (32:20)
  16. A Place to Pray (20:06)
  17. A Place to Belong (36:33)
  18. The Gospel and 9/11 (18:06)
  19. I’ve Got a Question (52:11)
  20. God’s Graffiti (42:06)
  21. The King Who Went Crazy (36:52)
  22. But If Not (42:30)
  23. The World According to God (43:09)
  24. How to Pray Like Paul (53:57)
  25. Do You Know Who You Are? (33:10)
  26. Can We Still Believe in Romans 8:28? (39:13)
  27. Three Reasons Why You Should Praise the Lord (42:04)
  28. How to Let Go and Move On (42:07)
  29. Don’t Waste Your Pain (46:40)
  30. The Blessing No One Wants (45:51)
  31. When Life Tumbles In, What Then? (34:24)
  32. Some Sneered, Others Questioned, A Few Believed (35:57)
  33. Here Comes the Judge (31:22)
  34. The Forgotten Doctrine of Salvation (34:05)
  35. Homemade Gods (37:08)
  36. Empty on the Inside (38:18)
  37. He Doesn’t Need Your Help (35:53)
  38. To an Unknown God (41:06)
  39. Babbling for Jesus (34:05)
  40. Cleverly Disguised Missionaries (39:58)
  41. God’s Guarantee (39:39)
  42. Is Jesus Enough for Me? (46:25)
  43. Press On! (40:24)
  44. Harold Camping and the End of the World (43:44)
  45. Praying for the Sick (41:28)
  46. The Source of Strife (45:28)
  47. The Danger of Doubletalk (45:43)
  48. The Problem of Partiality (50:24)
  49. The Mark of Maturity (49:19)
  50. Payday Someday (36:57)
  51. Burning the Plow (36:08)
Can I Lose My Salvation? – Dec 28, 2012 – 31:37
God has done everything necessary to make you eternally secure.
Christmas Joy – Dec 18, 2012 – 35:59
He came for you. Do you believe that?
Christmas Tears – Dec 12, 2012 – 34:20
Are you with Herod or with the Wise Men?
What Happens When We Die? – Dec 3, 2012 – 31:33
What happens when we die depends on what happens before we die.
David Jeremiah Interview on God’s Love – Nov 25, 2012 – 38:43
Here’s the audio of our interview with David Jeremiah about his new book “God Loves You: He Always Has, He Always Will.”
What is a Real Christian? – Nov 21, 2012 – 29:28
What’s the difference between a real Christian and a religious person?
Our Crucified God – Nov 14, 2012 – 28:25
Though the world despises the cross, we rally to it.
The Fool on the Hill – Nov 7, 2012 – 27:51
In this life there are many roads a person may travel, but only one that leads to heaven.
Saints and Sinners – Nov 5, 2012 – 43:48
If you’re going to be a Christian, be one!
God Always Keeps His Promises – Nov 4, 2012 – 56:23
Mark Pritchard preached this sermon on November 4 in Dalian, China with translation into Mandarin by Peter Wang.
He Became Sin for Us – Oct 24, 2012 – 33:19
Sometimes we forget how powerful the gospel is and how easy it is for sinners to be saved.
Where Grace and Wrath Meet – Oct 16, 2012 – 43:29
Because of the cross, salvation is now entirely free.
The Church in China – Oct 10, 2012 – 20:53
A radio interview discussing what we can learn from the amazing growth of the Chinese church.
A Place to Serve – Oct 9, 2012 – 34:36
Anyone can be great because anyone can serve.
A Place to Share – Oct 2, 2012 – 32:20
No one lives forever. The only choice we get is what we do with what we have been given.
A Place to Pray – Sep 27, 2012 – 20:06
We must learn to pray as if our lives depended on it – because they do.
A Place to Belong – Sep 20, 2012 – 36:33
What happened in Acts 2 is not unique. It is possible whenever the church is the body of Christ and not simply an institution.
The Gospel and 9/11 – Sep 11, 2012 – 18:06
Pastor Ray discusses the gospel in light of 9/11 with Nancy Turner on “This is the Day.”
I’ve Got a Question – Sep 5, 2012 – 52:11
Pastor Ray answers questions at Cannon Beach Conference Center, June 2012.
God’s Graffiti – Aug 22, 2012 – 42:06
It’s time for all of us to wake up and listen to God.
The King Who Went Crazy – Aug 15, 2012 – 36:52
If we choose not to listen to God, then he simply turns up the volume until he has our undivided attention.
But If Not – Aug 8, 2012 – 42:30
Even if we are not delivered from our troubles, we will not bow down.
The World According to God – Aug 1, 2012 – 43:09
History is not determined by earthly rulers but by the hand of God.
How to Pray Like Paul – Jul 28, 2012 – 53:57
Pastor Ray and Susie Larson discuss how to improve your prayers by learning to pray like the Apostle Paul.
Do You Know Who You Are? – Jul 25, 2012 – 33:10
When you know who you are, you can serve Christ anywhere.
Can We Still Believe in Romans 8:28? – Jul 16, 2012 – 39:13
There are many things we don’t know. But this we do know: God is at work, and he has not forgotten us.
Three Reasons Why You Should Praise the Lord – Jul 11, 2012 – 42:04
Because God is faithful, we can trust him with the generations yet to come.
How to Let Go and Move On – Jul 6, 2012 – 42:07
You can’t stay where you are forever. The only way to go is forward.
Don’t Waste Your Pain – Jun 27, 2012 – 46:40
Don’t waste your pain. Use it as a means to minister to others.
The Blessing No One Wants – Jun 21, 2012 – 45:51
Even in the most difficult moments, God’s people can rejoice because he is at work doing something important in them.
When Life Tumbles In, What Then? – Jun 12, 2012 – 34:24
We do not gain if we turn away from God in the time of trouble. If we turn away from God, we lose our only ground of hope.
Some Sneered, Others Questioned, A Few Believed – Jun 6, 2012 – 35:57
Even Athens needs the gospel, and even in Athens God has his people ready to respond.
Here Comes the Judge – May 30, 2012 – 31:22
The gospel contains a word of warning, and we are not being faithful to God unless we include that warning in our witnessing.
The Forgotten Doctrine of Salvation – May 22, 2012 – 34:05
The Gospel invitation begins with repentance. The first step in becoming a Christian is changing your mind about Jesus Christ.
Homemade Gods – May 14, 2012 – 37:08

The only lasting cure for idolatry is a fervent love for God. The hardest step is seeing our idols in the first place. (Sermon)

Empty on the Inside – May 8, 2012 – 38:18
If you don’t know God, it’s not God’s fault. God has already done everything necessary for you to have a relationship with him.
He Doesn’t Need Your Help – May 3, 2012 – 35:53
The gospel begins with God. It doesn’t begin with Jesus or with us. The divine plan of salvation begins with the God who designed it.
To an Unknown God – Apr 26, 2012 – 41:06
Between you and your unbelieving friends there is abundant common ground if only you will look for it.
Babbling for Jesus – Apr 18, 2012 – 34:05
How do you speak truth to highly intelligent people? Acts 17 has the answer.
Cleverly Disguised Missionaries – Apr 11, 2012 – 39:58
Every Christian is a missionary just like the Apostle Paul, only most of us are cleverly disguised as something else.
God’s Guarantee – Apr 4, 2012 – 39:39
The Holy Spirit is the “first installment” of our salvation. He is God’s “deposit” in our lives, guaranteeing that God will one day finish what he has started.
Is Jesus Enough for Me? – Mar 31, 2012 – 46:25
Susie Larson and Pastor Ray discuss how the death of Christ is good news for those who feel like their faith is weak.
Press On! – Mar 28, 2012 – 40:24
In the spiritual life, direction makes all the difference. True believers aren’t in heaven yet, but they aim their steps in that direction.
Harold Camping and the End of the World – Mar 21, 2012 – 43:44
Jesus is coming soon. Are you ready?
Praying for the Sick – Mar 15, 2012 – 41:28
When we pray for the sick, we are doing the work of Jesus in the world.
The Source of Strife – Feb 26, 2012 – 45:28
We fight with one another because we are not at peace with ourselves. 
The Danger of Doubletalk – Feb 8, 2012 – 45:43
Sometimes the real test of our faith is what we don’t say.
The Problem of Partiality – Feb 4, 2012 – 50:24
If we play favorites, we deny the gospel we say we believe.
The Mark of Maturity – Jan 20, 2012 – 49:19
In God’s plan for his children, there is no growth without struggle.
Payday Someday – Jan 13, 2012 – 36:57
We need some Elijahs who will care more for the King of Kings than for the kings and queens of this dying world.
Burning the Plow – Jan 5, 2012 – 36:08
It does not matter whether or not people understand us or think we are even sane as long as we are true to God.
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