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God’s Word Has Not Failed – Dec 28, 2011 – 38:47
In the end we will discover that though we failed the Lord a thousand times, he never failed us, not even once.
The Value of a Broken Heart – Dec 17, 2011 – 32:57
If hell is real, it ought to break our heart.
Chariots of Fire – Dec 10, 2011 – 49:28
Nothing of God dies when a man of God dies.
Is There No God? – Dec 1, 2011 – 44:03
Who can trace the path of the Lord? No one can. It is enough to know that we belong to him.
Prophet on the Run – Nov 4, 2011 – 41:39
Our greatest victories and worst defeats often go hand in hand. 
Baal Buster – Oct 28, 2011 – 41:27
There is a time to think and there is a time to decide.
Resurrection Hospital – Oct 19, 2011 – 39:31
God must bring us to the end of ourselves so that we learn it’s all about him and not about us. 
Empty Barrel Graduate School – Oct 13, 2011 – 40:37
Are we willing to obey God even when it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense?
Dry Brook University – Oct 6, 2011 – 47:58
God’s delays teach us to trust him in new ways.
God’s Mountain Man – Sep 29, 2011 – 42:27
It’s time to pray, “Lord do things I’m not used to.”
Pastor Ray I Have a Question Part 2 – Sep 23, 2011 – 26:05
Q and A session recorded at Cannon Beach Conference Center, July 2011.
Pastor Ray, I Have a Question, Part 1 – Sep 15, 2011 – 24:46
Q and A session recorded at Cannon Beach Conference Center, July 2011.
Do You Love Me? – Sep 1, 2011 – 30:32
One reason we don’t get better is beacuse we don’t want to face the hard truth about what we have said and done.
The Apostle Who Would Not Believe – Aug 12, 2011 – 35:04
There is no doubt like the doubt of a broken heart. 
The Man From the Tombs – Aug 4, 2011 – 30:53
You can only believe in God if you believe in the devil as well. 
The Man Who Would Be King – Jul 29, 2011 – 30:00

Light received leads to more light. Light rejected leads only to the darkness. (Sermon)

The Host Who Forgot His Manners – Jul 22, 2011 – 30:00

It’s not how much you sin, but how deeply you feel it that matters. (Sermon)

The Frustrated Fisherman – Jul 14, 2011 – 31:52
God prepares us for his call by allowing us to endure personal failure.
The Three Rookies – Jul 7, 2011 – 32:50
We don’t belong in this world. We’re not supposed to be comfortable here. 
The Harried Homemaker – Jul 1, 2011 – 39:08
Work is not an end in itself - not even work for the Lord.
The Miserable Millionaire – Jun 24, 2011 – 36:11
Even rich people can be saved if they will give up their trust in their riches.
The Dubious Disciples – Jun 16, 2011 – 38:25
Most of us are quick to see what we can’t do and quick to talk about what we don’t have. 
The Mother of Two Sons – Jun 9, 2011 – 30:12
There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart’s desire. The other is to gain it. 
The Father of a Dying Son – Jun 2, 2011 – 31:15
If desperate circumstances bring us to Jesus, then those circumstances are a gift from God.
The Lawyer Who Wanted a Loophole – May 26, 2011 – 31:54
Remember that when everyone else passed by, Jesus stopped to save you.
Will Everyone Eventually Be Saved? – May 11, 2011 – 37:33
If God didn’t move in mercy, we would all end up in hell.
What About those Who Never Hear the Gospel? – May 3, 2011 – 37:01
The gospel is good news only if it arrives in time.
Revenge is for Fools – Apr 20, 2011 – 37:21
We can forgive or we can get even, but we can’t do both.
Will the Real Sinner Please Stand Up? – Apr 17, 2011 – 35:51
We will never enjoy God’s blessings until we have his heart for the lost. 
The Greatest Revival in History – Apr 8, 2011 – 43:34
God can do greater things through us than we have ever dreamed.
The Desperate Prayer of a Desperate Man – Mar 31, 2011 – 36:07
God puts us in desperate places so that we will call on him.
How God Pursues Prodigals – Mar 24, 2011 – 43:07
Some of us have to learn the hard way that you can’t run from God forever.
We Are Just Like Jonah – Mar 15, 2011 – 46:35
When we decide to run from God, we can always find a ship going in our direction.
How to Pray With Power – Mar 11, 2011 – 32:02
If you ever decide to seek God’s will, your life may be many things, but it won’t be boring.
Don’t Settle for Second Best – Mar 3, 2011 – 30:45
Education gives us knowledge, but to choose those things that are best, we need the wisdom that comes from God.
Beyond Your Dreams – Feb 24, 2011 – 36:47
God is able to do whatever it takes to answer our deepest prayers.
Hanging Tough for Jesus – Feb 17, 2011 – 32:12

Are you perplexed by some persecution you’re going through or wiped out with some worry? God’s word to you is clear: Stand firm. (Sermon)

Lessons for Modern-Day Sowers of the Word – Feb 10, 2011 – 56:08
Good soil can be hard to find, but when you find it, amazing things can happen.
Did I Make the Right Decision? – Feb 3, 2011 – 24:12
When you are tempted to despair, remember that you can’t go back, you can’t stay where you are, but by God’s grace you can move forward one step at a time.
When You Are Falsely Accused – Jan 27, 2011 – 35:20
Before you get angry, remember that we are going to heaven because a good man was falsely accused.
Love Never Gives Up – Jan 20, 2011 – 35:46
Love believes the best as long as it can be believed.
Rejoicing in the Truth – Jan 13, 2011 – 37:12
The hardest truth to face is the truth about yourself.
Love Is Not Irritable – Jan 6, 2011 – 42:44
Irritability is the particular sin of morally upright people.
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